December 04, 2007


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Now SelahV,
I think this is a hot button! :) I hesistate to answer here because this falls into the subjective, existential part of Christianity which many SBCr's and others might completely discount. But I've got guts so,
My answer is 1 and 4. I will not comment because my fingers would get too tired tring to explain it much. Suffice to say, scripture is the guide and subjective encounters must align to the Word ans be a distant second. But I am glad to state my stance for the record.


I believe angel's still minister today. I think sometimes we see the angels work through others ministering to us when we least expect it. But I have heard stories of people experiencing supernatural angel ministry incidents. Plus, there have been too many times in my life where I was protected from harm from an invisible "hand" with no explanation except that someone or something intervened.

BTW - I think you were an angel last night, your email arrived at a time that was very opportune as I had just hung up the phone with my sister and was very distraught over recent events!


Chris...thanks. I, too, have had occasions in which there are no other explanations than the intervention of angels in my life. I plan to share a couple soon. I also feel most folks would rather talk about concrete -provable- things than the supernatural experiences encountered. I think that may be because there are many folks of faith who have never noticed those strangers in their midst. selahV


Trish, ah, my dear sister. I am but the providential hand of God at work in your life. Only He could have brought about that situation for me to be minister to you the proper word at the most proper time. I dare say we'd all have many more of those times, if we would heed the voice of God and follow His leading to send a note, email, or make a phone call. All too often, we sit and say, I should have called, I ought to call, I'll send a card tomorrow. It will be interesting in heaven to see where we could have been ministering and missed opportunities, won't it?

I would imagine, we will have a few angels with crooked halos who messed up, too. I've heard many angel stories from people I know personally. It's an exciting thing to hear. selahV


Have you ever encountered an angel? Not that I am aware, but the Bible says sometimes we won't be.
Do you have an experience which cannot be explained other than by a supernatural intervention? Yes.
Do angels still minister today as they did in biblical times? Surely.
As also demons inhabit humans and must be cast out. You ever wonder how those in the NT could tell for certain a man was demon posessed?


1 and 4 SelahV.
In my young and stupid days I attended Teachers college and had a car load of friends traveling the 40 minutes down the freeway to the next city At 65 mph in a 69 mazda.
We were telling jokes and I was inattentive, when the two lanes of traffic suddenly stopped 50 feet ahead of us. Al we could see was the back of a huge truck.
Instinctively I knew we would all be dead, and braking wasn't going to do any real good, so I and the others in the car, shut our eyes, placed our hands over our chests to prepare for impact and prayed "I'm coming home Lord!"
I thought, well I'll jab at the brakes, rather than hit them hard and risk spinning across the road into oncoming traffic and killing other commuters.
About 5 seconds later I reopened my eyes, and retook the wheel, at the same time as the others did.
We found ourselves 50 feet past the truck in the other lane, moving along at the same 10 mph speed as the other cars.
The other guys said "WOW Grosey that was fantastic driving! How did you do that? I thought we were dead!"
I thanked them for the compliment and then asked "Did you see what happened?"
They each said "No I had my eyes closed and hands braced for impact! What happened?"
I replied "I don't know either, I did the same!"
And we knew that the Lord had protected us, and miraculously sent angels to a. slow the car, (although we felt no braking!)
b. move the car into another lane
c. take over the speed of the car so as not to hit anything on the crowded road.
d. take over the steering until I picked it up again.

The one guy in the car that was not a christian became a Christian at the Billy Graham Crusade a month or so later. He said "Because driving with Grosey you never knew when you might die!"


I'm convinced I was once protected by an angel.

We were helping my in-laws move into a new mobile home. In order to level it, it had to sit up about five feet off the ground on one side. My father-in-law had his truck backed up to the door, the top of the tailgate just under the threshold of the door. The mobile home had yet to be underpinned.

We had just moved the last piece of furniture into the house. Pop had gotten into the truck, an old '71 Ford with a three-speed on the column, and started off. As he pulled away I was about to jump down from the door (the front porch had yet to be built and we had pulled the makeshift starcase away for moving in purposes).

However, something kept me from jumping down because I had already made up my mind to jump down. As I stood there, I watched my father-in-law's truck roll back down and slide up under the trailer, causing damage to his truck as well as the trailer itself. The clutch had given out and he didn't react quickly enough with the brake, so he slid backwards. If I had jumped down, I would have been run over.

So, to answer your question, one and four. I believe it was an angel that held me back from jumping; at least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

R. L. Vaughn

Yes, I think angels can and do minister today as they have throughout biblical times.


I'm another 1 & 4

My life has been spared on two occasions . . . one involved an injury caused by a horse that resulted in a coma, the other involved a divine intervention that resulted in a time delay which spared the injuries and maybe the lives of myself and 3 other sisters-in-Christ. I'm very quick to give credit to God for these. The means by which He worked could very well have been angels.

In addition to these, I have one experience as a child in which I learned that those who are saved are surrounded by angels. My father was a very evangelistic pastor. There was a season of his ministry in which a great number of people were making professions of faith. It was during this time that we, as a family, experienced some pretty hefty spiritual warfare. I've only shared the details of the experience with my husband. I think the magnitude of it would freak most Christians out. However, because of it I feel very qualified to testify to this: that we as God's children are surrounded by angels who do the bidding of God in both protecting and engaging in spiritual warfare on our behalf.

We shouldn't be surprised by this. Jesus said in Matthew 10:16 "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves." We have an enemy who is enormously active and cunning, and a minuscule grasp of God's supremacy over evil.

As for your question, I do believe angels minister today as they did in biblical times. I think they are very much involved in the affairs of mankind in an ongoing warfare that, if I knew the fraction of, would most likely completely boggle my mind!!!


I enjoyed your article and I will share something that happended to me 47 years ago.
I was 15 years old and had gone to my Uncles farm for the weekend. The hired housekeeper had a daughter who was 14 and had driven farming vehicles. We begged my uncle could we take his car around the mile block in the country. He gave in and off we went. She decided to let me drive, I had never experienced driving a vehicle before. The roads were gravel and when I made a left turn I was going to fast and the car skidded in the gravel and thru my excitement of losing control of the car I stepped on the gas. The car rolled over 3 times and we were both thrown out of the car. There was no seat belts 47 years ago. I woke up ,the car was up side down and the roof was caved into the seat. I got up and I could walk but my friend was still laying in the ditch. She tried to get up and then she stopped breathing. I prayed for help, I had never done mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before but I did it. It came very natural in what I was suppose to do and she started to breath again. I prayed to God for help and a warm sesation come over me and I could see the face of Jesus looking down on me .Just then out of no were, a milk truck driver appeared and a man got out and came to me. He said he was going to go and get help for us. He was very kind and caring. He came back with a woman from a farm near by and they had called the ambulance and she was going to stay with us until the ambulance came. Just as fast as he came he disappeared .We tried to find him to thank him after we both were healed and out of the hopital. No one knew who he was or were he came from.
It was years later when I became a Christian that I realized that when I had prayed , God had sent a angel to help me in the form of a milk truck driver.
I still get very emotional when I tell the story 47 years later. I definitely believe in angels, BJ


Morning selahV,

I have been told when sharing this magnificent story that I was doped up on painkillers ! Its very real to me and no one can ever make me believe different ! I too, believe in 1 and #4 !

I am convinced by Gods saving Grace that I'm still alive today ! I thank Him every day ! I have mentioned nearly 5 years ago when I had 24/7 pain everyday for 5 1/2 months straight ! On may 16th 2004 , that night I had made up my mind at all costs to end my pain? I could only get about 1/2 hour to 1 hour's sleep at a time by sitting in a chair and leaning over a little and resting my arms on the back of another chair ! This was everyday for 5 1/2 months !

I took my 12guage off the gun rack and made it back to my chair and stood gun on the floor with barrel under my chin ! It was about 3:30 in morning ! I was in so much pain that I could not reach the trigger. I took a pair of channel lock pliers with the curved part to reach my trigger but as I was trying to push trigger to fire the gun ! All that was on was my tv in living room ! At that time I accidently dropped channel locks on the floor and immdiately I heard a voice and it was my Dad's voice that passed away in 1984 say sonny boy there's a better way ! I hadn't heard him call me that since I was a little boy ! Right after that a very bright light in my living room appeared and it was an angel of the Lord saying it was going to get better and it did when Gods Amazing Grace filled my heart !

I don't remember any more but at 10:30 on the morning of may 17th my sister who had been checking on me woke me up banging on my door and I managed to get to door and let her in ! She asked me why my shotgun was laying in floor in front of my chair ? I told her that I was going to end my pain but I didn't succeed and then told her what happened !

This is a true story but the author of this story is none other Than God ! His Amazing Grace stood strong in authority in the old days and still remains strong today !

Sorry about rambling so much but this is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life ?


Ramblin' Rose

Years ago when my mother was dying, I prayed for the Lord to send me help to deal with all that was going on. I can honestly say, I didn't expect an answer. I was just crying out to the Lord in my pain and confusion. He answered my prayer by sending a Christian lady into my workplace, who befriended me, and helped me and my family through a very sad and trying time. Even though I was a Christian, I was out of church, out of fellowship at the time, and felt helpless against what was happening to my mother. Through the loving, caring and compassion of this lady, the Lord brought peace into my situation. After my mother's death, my family and I joined this lady's church.
I truly believe this dear friend was an angel sent from the Lord. She had been praying to be used by the Lord and also believes He led her to me. Every time I would thank her (so many times) she would say I gave more to her than she ever gave to me. I still don't fully understand that because she did so much for me, and I was so very needy at the time.
I think my experience with her was my first realization that there are angels sent to us from the Lord, to help us, to encourage us, to protect us. The Lord has sent many angels into my life over the years, in many different ways. He speaks to us in so many different ways. He wants us to know He is ever near.

Thank you, Selah for a wonderful question. I've been blessed by all the testimonies that have been shared.



there was one time that i believe an angel ministered to my wife and my brother and me. we were sitting in a restaurant in memphis, tn. we were all worn out...tired to the bone. my brother was in college. i was in seminary, and working two part time jobs. my wife was working fulltime, and we were all very active in the leawood baptist church. we were tired, and we were eating lunch, and we were just talking about things...some spiritual...some just regular, old things about life. i noticed a man sitting at a table a little ways from us...staring at us. then, he got up and came to our table. i cant remember the exact words he said, but he said something to the effect of...."yall just keep living for the Lord and doing what you're doing. The Lord will return one day soon, and He will reward you." then, the man left. we looked at each other for just a second..in shock....wondering what in the world. then, we turned around towards the counter, where everyone paid thier bill, which was also near the door to the place. the man was gone. we looked for him. he was gone. it was like he just vanished in that split second that we all stared at each other over what the man said, and the time we turned around to see the man again. let me add, that his demeanor was strangely warm and loving, and his words were spoken in faith and confidence. we were all sure that an angel had visited us with a word of encouragement from the Lord.



Mrs Harriete,

I forgot to write the most important part that I wanted to tell! When my sister woke me up at 10:30 on the morning of May 17th I Had No More Pain and still haven't HAD NO MORE PAIN !

My parts of my body that could heal { my lower lumbar which was just like jello } has done so only because of Gods Amazing Grace and It has built my faith and belief to unmeasurable Heights ! It has made the pain I have from my authritus joints easier to tolerate now ? Every now and then I feel the presence of angels near ?



To All: thank you so much for sharing your stories with me. One of the things I've noticed is that the angels who appeared in each of our lives ministered to a specific need we had. While some appeared as people, they didn't stick around for any praise or thanks.

My angels have been quiet helpers too. Although I've had situations in which my angels have appeared to protect me, and intervene, the most precious angels of all have come in the last few years since the death of my son. The Lord has sent one to hug me when I was in the absolute depth of despair and hurting. A genuine, physical warmth that filled my life.

Another time I was about to fall headfirst into a pile of boulders when an angel picked me up and pushed me forward and I fell short of the boulders and beyond. I was still hurt quite badly, bruised ribs, scraped arms--but I did not meet a worse fate. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord's angel helped me.

I do wonder why the Lord's angels help us on some occasions and not in all. I wonder why we as His children have angels perform all kinds of miraculous interventions and then some are slack in their attentiveness. I have asked a great theologian what scripture means when it says we will judge the angels. He told me it was a mystery that will remain an enigma.

Though we have the mysteries of life we cannot explain, I take great comfort in knowing God's angels are watching over me. I have comfort in knowing that God does not allow anything to occur in my life without purpose. And part of that is you. You being in my life is very significant. I truly believe we are to know each other for a higher purpose. And I am excited each time we talk with one another. I am excited because through each other we will not forget to be kind to strangers because they may be angels we entertain and are unaware of doing so.

thanks for being part of my life. thanks for sharing part of your life with me. selahV

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