November 24, 2007


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Dorcas Hawker

I mostly like to read about people's lives, the same way I write. Especially when there are pictures of family outings. I like to read devotionals on occasion but admit that they are more interesting when it applies to something I am going through, so sometimes that is hit or miss as to which readers read my site. Like you I find sometimes people are interested in my theological thoughts, sometimes not. So I just write about my life and hope somebody reads it. I also like posts that have lots of comments so I can interact with them, you know funny ones that make me laugh ... like the football posts over at SBC Outpost where CB writes some funny stuff, and I egg him on.

So mostly I'm into blogging for "life on planet Earth" and comedy humorous stuff.

I don't remember if I have read the sbc Impact site. Maybe once, and didn't even know about the daily Impact one. Sorry. I pretty much just read the blogs I have linked on mine and the Outpost to keep track of SBC News and college football. I've really moved into Facebook as my preferred time online as far as interacting with others.



Dorcas, Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Yeah, I think reading comments by CB are some of the funniest on the internet.
I am interested in your reference to FACEBOOK. What is that exactly? Do you meet more non-Christians or Christians there? I'm looking for a place where I could go and begin interacting in a way that would lead non-believers back to my site and get to know them so as to introduce them to our Lord. Any suggestions? selahV

Keith Schooley

Hi, SelahV!

Yes, you're right (in your email to me), it's intellectually stimulating blogs that catch my attention the most. It's too bad that so many people mistake controversy and divisiveness for intellectual stimulation.

#4 would also apply, but there, there's an indefinable something that either works or doesn't work for me. I think it's a matter of shared outlook on life, similar life experiences. Some people's experiences just connect more than others' to me; I don't know why.


I like to read blogs that keep me informed about what is going on in the Christian world. I like to feel challenged to defend what I believe, learn more about what I believe, change what I believe if I learn something I didn't know before, etc. I like to read funny posts where you see the lighter side of people, like when Wes does his captions on Fridays, or Denny Burk gets ragged on because LSU lost yesterday. I like to read posts that educate me about what is going on in SB life, although I would prefer to read more about the issues, pros/cons, Biblical positions and so forth and less about the personalities and individuals that are being dragged down or put up on a pedestal. I like the devotionals that relate real life to the Scriptures. I really liked the one you wrote about being fattened for the kill.
Don't give up on your devotional. Remember the parable about the one lost sheep and the 99 that the shepherd left to go after the lost one. You might be going after that one lost sheep and bringing them back into the fold. You may never know you did it either because you aren't supposed to be doing God's work for the results but because He asked you to do it. I know you know all this, but sometimes we all need to hear it again and remember Who this is all about. Hang in there. Maybe you can cut down on the frequency and just do one or two a week, just don't quit, not until you are confident that God is asking you to direct your efforts someplace else.

God Bless,


I like reading blogs that:
1. Confront and challenge my thinking
2. Discuss Biblical issues such as Calvie/non-Calvie
3. Stir my mind to looking at what My outside reveals about my inside.

Dorcas Hawker


You can find Facebook by just typing it into a google search. You sign up and then hook up with your friends that are also on Facebook. I wouldn't think it is a way to meet non-Christians that you don't already know because it is pretty much a way to communicate with people you already know. Though I'm not really skilled at using it as a networking tool, so I'm probably not the best person to ask as to that. It is nice because you can dialogue with a group of people so it is something different than e-mail, but it is private in that you can limit who can read your stuff so it isn't like the whole world can read it, like a blog. You have to be added as a friend before you can join the discussion, sort of like Myspace, but with a cleaner look and less messy advertising.


This is what I like to read:
(don't know how to make it a link, sorry)

This is a new post on Bart Barber's blog, it's a must read!



#'s 3 & 4

I find that most of my time is spent on just a few blogs that are not caught up in denominationalism and all that can mean. I'm not knocking the SBC blogs, but, not being SBC, I find they hold little interest for me.

The times we are in are too short to be spent quarreling about things that hold no eternal significance.

I read your devotions often, and always enjoy them, even if I don't comment. You have a lot to give and it is too bad people are missing out on your divinely given wisdom.

I find that, where I'm at right now in my walk, I need inspiration and I am most inspired when the bloggers are all about Jesus Christ and all He means in this earthly life. I am yearning to leave materialism, stuff, busyness, etc., behind and allow Jesus to reign in my life. Sometimes it just seems so hard to find the way to do that. The bloggers I read most help me find that Way to Life.

My preferred sites;







Just in case you're curious! :)


Ramblin' Rose

Hello Selah,

I prefer numbers 3 and 4. I also like to keep up with what's going on in the SBC (no. 1), and unfortunately, that sometimes involves controversy. I need to hear both sides of the controversy though, so I can better understand why there's a controversy ya know?

I also have a no. 7 (other). I like blogs where people post recipes or tips about one thing or another, and I also like people who blog about their lives, pictures, and stuff like that.

I think you cover just about every one of those in your wide array of blogs...lol..which is one reason I like you so much. :)

I read your devotions everyday on Daily Impact. I'm always blessed by what you write, and it gives me a lot to think about. You think so deeply, and write so profoundly, I'm not sure people know what to say. They just drink it all in. And, since it is a "daily" devotion, there is always another one to drink in the next day. We're so busy drinking in, we may not take the time to comment, or know what to say if we did.

Just keep writing and sharing as the Lord leads, and know that He will lead those to you that will be blessed by you. Many more than you'll know on this old earth I imagine, because some will probably never comment. God knows whose life you have touched though, and that's really all that matters.


P. S. I will try to comment more though, and hope others will too. :)


Hey friend! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Sorry I haven't been commenting frequently this last little while...there's been a flood of activity at my house lately with lots of personal challenges:-) As far as my blog-hopping goes, it's quite limited, especially when I'm busy with my own writing and trying to hear from God for my topics. I gravitate towards sites that discuss Life in Christ and what it means to rely on Him for spiritual growth instead of self-effort and religious rule-keeping. Since time is limited, I don't have time for denominational discussions, per se, but follow the Lord wherever He leads me - both to read and to write.

God bless your writing, SelahV. You have a sweet spirit and a faithful heart because of His grace operating in you. I'm thankful for your friendship. Hope to chat with you soon!

Benjamin Potter

I'll start with why I blog, and then move on to your main question:

I actually blog at three different sites: Loom & Wheel (http://loom--wheel.blogspot.com) is my first foray into the blogosphere and where I blog personal stuff, family stuff, humor, etc. It's pretty general. Then I started Loom & Wheel Words (http://loomnwheel.wordpress.com) originally to see if I wanted to switch from blogger. Here is where I try to be a little more inspirational and theological in nature. Finally, I started Book 'em Benj-O (http://benjobooks.blogspot.com) where I concentrate on reviewing books and blogging book related stuff.

I write for my own exercise--keeping up with my writing (it's a journaling thing). It doesn't bother me if no one reads, but makes me feel better when they do, and even better when they comment.

If you peruse the reviews you'll get an idea of my reading fare--pretty much anyting, from theology to church growth to fiction from mystery to westerns to suspense. I read for sermon prep, to keep up with what's going on in the ecclesiastical world, then I read to relax. I read blogs for pretty much the same reasons: some are research, some are entertainment, I read friends' blogs, guys I met (cybernetically speaking) on the blogs, I read favorite authors' blogs, I especially like those writers who make me laugh and those who make me think.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for inviting me to participate.


Keith, yeah, I had you pegged as my intellectual man. That is why you are my go-to guy when I'm in a quandry and need another's wisdom and perspective on a variety of subjects. Some folks are intellectually brilliant, but dumb as stones and as spirit-filled as a deflated balloon. Not you my friend. thanks for weighing in. selahV


Trish, as always, you do not disappoint me when I ask your opinion. That's what I like about you. Opinionated, yet teachable. Rare qualities. Love your well-rounded approach to reading and especially your suggestion for others to read Bart Barber's blogpost: Getting Along. I highly recommend that one too. selahV


LUKE: you and I like some of the same things. And I especially like what you write about. Truly makes me think. Will sure be glad when you get that gymnasiam going. selahV


Marie: thanks for all those links. Knowing you and what you are about tells me what kind of content I will find in them. I look forward to visiting.

I appreciate your kind words about my other blog. May we all seek to be closer to the only One Who matters. selahV


Ramblin' Rose...you are such a sweetheart. you don't have to comment on all my posts. I am just trying to figure where my greatest efforts belong. selahV


Vicki:::) no apologies needed. I've been under the guns of illness, busyness and emptyheadedness myself, these days. Thanks for dropping in and sharing your thoughts. selahV


Benjamin: so grateful you took time to share your thoughts. AND especially your blogsites. I will definitely drop in to visit soon. I tend to write blogs (I have 15) that are just for me and my thinking outloud. I took some of them off my blogroll because it was just tooooooo much. I'm as eclectically diversified in my writing AND reading as I am in my collection of antiques. Come back often. selahV


Most of the blogs I like to read have virtually nothing to do with the SBC. I like a variety, but especially Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed (www.jesuscreed.org) where he blogs on a variety of things like theology, books, Emergent, biblical exegesis/overview and occasionally sports. Michael Spencer is a great writer and is very thought provoking (at internetmonk.com). Another great writer and one who is very pastoral is John Frye at Jesus The Radical Pastor (www.jesustheradicalpastor.com). There are also a few hard-hitting theological blogs I like to check out. But there's also a lot of #7 which would include books.


Paul, Great to have you drop in and share you thoughts. I use to read Scot McKnight daily. Got away from him for some reason...may have been Rose's Reasonings, or Aletheia Liberty that pulled me away. Can't remember.

I especially liked his posts on Psalm 119. I expect he'll write a book on that someday.

I'm still quite baffled by the emergent church thing. It appears as if anything goes within a non-structured belief system that seeks to follow Christ by inclusiveness, tolerance and outreach in social ministries. Help me out here. Is that the jist of it, or is it like every other movement---filled with as many variables as it has participating followers?

I'll have to check out the other blogs you mentioned, but I will probably find that I'm too short to read them. selahV


I like to read the stories about you and the past. I am a huge history buff; so the past intrigues me. You know that I just don't usually comment because it's rare that I have anything very profound to add to the conversation. My thoughts are very simple and I feel like I just force you to have to comment back to me. I read everything you write and I only read the SBC Impact main post when you write it. I don't feel like the writers on that site (minus you, of course) care what a female has to say. I feel like they kind of brush women's comments under the carpet. That's the main reason I don't comment there. Plus, I feel like that site fishes for controversey. So, what I like to read is what you write from your heart. My most favorite is your original SelahV blogs. I get a little sad when I go to Feminine Matters or another blog and you haven't posted new things. Those are really, really you. YOU are a blessing to me each and every day and your words are like gold to me.


Dear sweet Karen...YIKES!
I'm overly thrilled to have you as my number one (well amongst my number one fans). I'm sure you are a bit biased since you know me and I helped disciple you in your walk with the Lord as a youth. I can't tell you how much your encouragement means to me. And I've never felt forced to answer you when you comment.

Despite what you say is simple thinking on your part, I find most of your observations in life rather thought-provoking, my sister and friend. And if I were at liberty to share personal emails, I'm sure folks would agree that you are not only wise but blessed with one of the largest hearts of compassion beating today.

As far as your experiences with sbcIMPACT, I'm sorry you've experienced that with my co-contributors. I know for a fact that Tony Sisk holds you in the highest regard. Can't speak for any others.

Perhaps I should send you the posts I feel would most appeal to you in the future. They aren't all about male-dominated territories. I, like you, do find myself searching for something to add in their conversational streams---no reflection on their personality or their writing abilities, mind you---just some of the topics are beyond my realm of daily relativity.

I do think that is why each of us in this thread have such diverse reading habits. We read what appeals to our particular tastes and needs. We seek, in the little time we have available to us, for posts that produce stimuli that challenges us, comforts us, edifies us, informs us, humors us, and just plain old makes us part of who we are. Nothing wrong with any of the tastes. Nothing wrong with anyone's interests. Just shows how we all fit together to produce a Divine puzzle I think. (hey--great post idea for me or anyone else who might read this comment). You ought to give it a go, Karen. I'm sure you could do it justice.

Thanks so much for your honesty in this thread. My guys probably won't read it, so we won't have to be concerned about hurting their feelings or bruising egos. They are pretty tough-skinned though. I'm sure if they should venture over here, they'd probably try and consider how this might be true on their part. Hmmmmmmn, wonder how many female participants versus male we have over there? I'll have to give that some thought. You really might be on to something here. Thanks again. selahV


Hi selahV,

Sorry to tune in late but I like 3 and 4 most ! I like to read posts that are interesting for the soul purpose to try to add to my thoughts and my church bucket ? { BTW- I call it my church bucket because when Me and my first wife divorced , my son was only fifteen. At 16 I helped him get his own ride ? He had got to where he quit going to sunday school but he worked in fields with his Sunday School teacher's husband ! He asked my son why he quit attending sunday achool and my son told Him that he didn't think he got anything out of it. In return He then asked my son how big a bucket he carried with him to put his blessings in ? It worked with my son from that day forward and since that day He tries to attend church services all He can - He's 37 now - ! --True Story-- }!

I don't like controversy but one reason I write my blogs the way I do is because I have about a dozen of my 12 year old grandson's good friends that visit it frequently and it catches their eye and teaches them also. Enough rambling ?

I enjoy reading all the sites that are in my blogroll especially SBC and your blogs and visit others by clicking from another blog ?

A Thought ! " A smile is the magic language that even a Baby understands. "



Let me just say that emergents are almost as diverse as Southern Baptists. Almost.


Paul, is that because there are more Southern Baptists? :) selahV

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