November 07, 2007


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Create turmoil and bitterness (in the beginning)
Build up

They pretty much can be summed up for me in the above, though the turmoil and bitterness stage has long passed. Some build up, like Between Two Worlds and Church Matters; others Encourage, comfort and console like SBCImpact Devotional; comments on some more divisive blogs tend to frustrate.

I have been able to appreciate the strengths and gifts of some that many hate these days, and can empathize with others. I have learned to see weaknesses in those I tend to agree with, and strengths in those with whom I disagree. And through it all, I have learned to agree and disagree without giving away my own position on too many issues, which I think is important in engagement with many folks.

Overall, my engagement in blogs has greatly weakened my excitement for things in which I was once excited.


Colin, extremely thoughtful comment. Thanks for your input. I pray others will soon follow. selahV


The blogs I mainly look at SCTommorrow, SBC Today and a few others Along the Shore tend to
Spur you on toward love and good deeds
Build up

Wade B's blog and SBCoutpost because of their obvious antagonistic stances and promotion of a liberal leaning agenda tend to frustrate, and so I look in just to check what new muck is being stirred.

In teh main i enjoy the SBC blogs for their encouragement.

I learn a lot from Denny Burk and from Nathan's and PrasieGod Barebones.

I find comfort from your blog SelahV.




i think that the blogs do everything on your list. but, i do know that i have grown in my understanding of doctrine and theology and sbc issues due to being challenged to think hard about why i believe certain things. i've been strengthened in my faith due to blogs. and, i've learned much about writing and how to express myself thru the written word do to writing comments, and then, by writing on my own blog.

also, i've met some really good folks on the blogs. you're one of them.


Tony Sisk

I don't know how relevant the blogs are as much as the people are that write them. There one in the same though, right? :)

I read Theological Musings for theological challenges; I wish Steve posted more, but he has a lot going on in his life right now. Heavenly Heartburn by Gordon Cloud is another good one with great ministry ideas and thoughtful discussion. Nephos is another good blog; when Cameron posts he posts well but doesn't do it enough. And Selah, your blogs are tops in my favorite lists, esp. Daily Impact and SelahV Today.

Cerulean Sanctum is one of my favorites because of its headiness and wittiness. Dan is one of the best writers in the blogosphere. He ain't SBC though, not by a long shot, but a fine, fine Christian man.

I also participate in a couple of liberal blogs where I have gained a fair hearing.

As far as my opinion on the SBC blogosphere, I think there is much unnecessary antagonism and competition; too many axes to grind. I feel like Impact has done well in avoiding that though we have had a few bumps in the road. My prayer is that we are #'s 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7 and not 2, 5, and 8.

As far as how blogs have influenced me, I'm on the same page as David. They have sharpened my thought processes and helped me to clarify what I think on many issues. Plus, I have made some great friends I do indeed hope to meet one day.

Overall, I am thankful for Christian blogging.


All of the above. Honesly, all of the above.


Th blogs I read are encouraging, uplifting, inspirational, comforting, challenging, thought provoking, enlightening, and, most of all, glorifying to our LORD. They spur me on, keep me aware, light the fire in my heart and make me all the more joyful that I serve an awesome, all powerful, magnificent, loving, holy God.

The blogs I read keep me on my toes, they are my virtual community, swiftly becoming true friends. They make my week more palatable, they keep my mind focused on our living LORD, and rejoicing in His Name.

While I do read some SBC posts, most of the bloggers I read are non-denominational, non-traditional. Some are prophetic. Some teach the Word. Others post on their journeys in the LORD Jesus.

My life has been changed for the better since I discovered the blog world. The connection is immeasurable, the opportunity vast.

Thank you for this outlet! See ya!


Good afternoon my friends! I'm just tickled as I can be with your participation on this brand new baby blog. I hope more decide to add a thought or two.

For you who have commented, thus far, you might be interested to know that I've had over 53 hits just today. And since I just started it, that should be a pretty good indication that we can have some fun here if my pea-brain can come up with some finger-pounding answerable questions.

My next one oughta cause a teeney stir. stay tuned. :)selahV


I tune in everyday just don't comment much ? Ya'll keep the good stuff coming or I want have coffee with ya'll every morning ?



Hey Ron, so glad you have coffee with me. I'm doing the best I can...well, no one does the very best. There's always room for improvement. But I aim to please the Lord and when we aim there, it is quite possible we please a few of His people, huh? Thanks for stopping in. selahV

Richard Coords

Hostile: The "Baptist Board" seems to be a very combative environment.


sorry to hear that, Richard. think it has anything to do with the word "baptist" or do you think it is due to the word "board"? selahV



Very timely post, SelahV, not to mention challenging. If I am honest, I have to say I'm not particularly fond of blogs at all. My reading is more from books. Blogs are cheaper obviously, but we all know the cliche that ebay is not always better. Nonetheless I still read them.

As for the blog scene being contentious, personally I think the nature of the medium invites such. If I am reading a piece about which the author produces strong opinions and castigates the opposition in print media. I might think a bit about it, conclude it wrong and finish my omelet. On the other hand, if there is a handy place for me to place a rejoinder or ask a question or make a comparison, then I will engage. If my words seems a threat to the position stated, the author will counter, etc etc. It's the nature of the blog. Indeed blogs without engagement perhaps would never have caught fire.

For that reason, controversial posts will, in my view, always lead the pack in the comment thread. Furthermore, I do not see it a bad thing if commenters would display some old-fashioned temperance, the fruit all but lost out of the Spirit's basket these days.

Obviously, anything 'political'--not only societal but denominational--will inevitably draw fire from every direction. I see no way to avoid the stickiness.

Grace, SelahV. With that, I am...



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