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  • Sometimes I wonder how much better off the world would be if everyone purposed in their hearts and minds to compliment ten people a day.
    "The eyes of the Lord keep guard over knowledge and him who has it..." Pr.22:12 Oh that Wisdom be confirmed by the knowledge we discover and grasp. God expects discretion be used in the knowledge we have so that He be glorified. God will guard our hearts and minds "but He overthrows the words of the treacherous." With believers, knowledge comes with responsibility. All we do with what we know is accountable to God. Likewise the words of our mouth reveal the integrity of our hearts. May we speak and act with integrity with that which we know that the Lord be glorified. selahV


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February 23, 2008



Trish: They were so sad. Neither of them could answer questions. They were shocked that I used the word "attonement and propitiation for sins". When they shared about Joseph Smith's meeting in the woods with God and Jesus, they said it happened because he read James 1:5 and prayed for God to give him wisdom and He did. I asked them if they really believed that verse's promise had the power to do that for Joseph Smith; they both quickly said yes. I had them read the verse again. Then I asked if they believed the Bible to be true since Joseph Smith took it to be true? And they said yes. I said, well, if that verse had the authority for Joseph Smith and, as I believe, it has the authority to speak Truth today, then why wouldn't God give them and me the same wisdom they said God gave Joseph Smith? They hemmed and hawwed and had no answers.

The best part of the day was asking them questions about the very scriptures they quoted and seeing they had no answers. It was rather frustrating for the boys. About 20 or 21 I'd say. I've always been told that the only way to win a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness is to plant enough doubt into their own thinking that they begin to question their own beliefs. So I'm trying to do that as the Lord leads. I'm definitely no evangelist, and I'd not be very happy if they showed up with their high-priests, but whatever happens, happens.

I'll let them come back as long as I sense the Lord's hand in it. But I've already told them that I could never accept their book as the inerrant word of God and do not understand how they could.

No sense gnawing on a stripped bone or casting pearls before swine for too long. I am concerned about those devil-laced items of theirs being in my home though. A wicked-acting kitten showed up on my back door the same day those guys showed up at my front door. The cat hasn't left. And I haven't fed it. Hubby's threatening to take it to Lake Latonka and letting it go for a swim. (I know, I know. some cats are good cats...not too sure about this one. It runs from hubby and when I went out and pet it today, it bit me, then purred to beat the band.) selahV

Keith Schooley

Praise God! Good for you, SelahV! I wonder how many opportunities we miss because we're afraid we won't have the answers. It's easier to make an excuse and duck back inside our houses.

I think you're wise to keep in mind whether the Lord's hand seems still to be in it or not. Your words (filled, I'm sure, with The Word) will go with them, even if they don't come to the Lord right now. Who knows what effects our conversations have on people for years on down the road.


Hi Keith...yes, that is the way I feel that I have no idea what God will do with my words,but it is certain His will not return void. There was not one second of argumentive attitudes in our conversation. NONE. It really was like a couple of guys showed up from the neighborhood and we just sat there talking about the differences between us. I asked them if they'd had a hard day. They said it had been tiring. I talked to them about how Jesus is our comfort in times when we're weary and worn. I asked if they'd had any folks slam the door in their faces. And they said, "yes,they had and that most people didn't want to talk about God." I told them that was the way of the world today. I told them I think most people are afraid to talk about God. Elder Nelson told me that people like me assume that they are going to be argumentative. And I said, "that's funny, because I think you thought I was going to be argumentative; did you?" He said, "Yes, I did." We had several common-ground moments. And I do hope that my kindness will do more to reach them as they go on in their lives and contemplate others who might take the time to be kind too. There are several such people from my "before Christ days" that I remember who left footprints in my life that once I was saved I recognized and remembered how their words and actions had played a role in my coming to faith in Christ. Keep me in your prayers. selahV

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    An opinion is something we own as ours. What we feel necessary to state publicly could become another's opinion as well. It would be good to consider how much truth is at the core of one's opinion before voicing it. Are we willing to take the time to dig to that depth before we adopt another's opinion as our own? selahV