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    "The eyes of the Lord keep guard over knowledge and him who has it..." Pr.22:12 Oh that Wisdom be confirmed by the knowledge we discover and grasp. God expects discretion be used in the knowledge we have so that He be glorified. God will guard our hearts and minds "but He overthrows the words of the treacherous." With believers, knowledge comes with responsibility. All we do with what we know is accountable to God. Likewise the words of our mouth reveal the integrity of our hearts. May we speak and act with integrity with that which we know that the Lord be glorified. selahV


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July 02, 2007



I've often wondered that because it seemed as though God was changing His mind. Yet, if God is all knowing then He knew what He was going to do before they even prayed it. I think it is that Moses and Jacob were earnestly seeking God's will and therefore, their will was changed. It is my belief that if I am praying about something and I am EARNESTLY willing for God to change my heart on a matter if it is not in His will then He will. Sometimes it is so hard to lay our will aside and give ourselves up sacrificially to our Savior. Do you think in those examples what God was doing was basically teaching them?


Well, Kim, the Bible says the Lord turned away from what He thought about doing. So I'd say He didn't seemingly change His mind, but actually changed it. If we cannot effect our Father's wrath, then we'd not be able to turn from our wicked ways so He could heal our land. Our actions and attitudes have a lot to do with where the Lord blesses and where He does not. Jesus said that many miracles were not performed due to unbelief.

So, I'd have to conclude that my unbelief effects the purpose of God. It's not His will that any should perish, but many will perish.

In Moses' case, Moses prayed for God to remember His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God did and so therefore He turned away from the wrath He justifiably felt toward His rebellious, ungrateful people. And He showed mercy. However as you read on in the chapters following that, you'll see where He demanded they show their allegiance to Him by not wearing ornaments.

As far as Jacob contending with the Lord, Jacob said he was not going to let God go till He blessed him. And God did bless Jacob, even though He whacked his hip out of joint in the process as a reminder of the meeting.

I'd say God can be persuaded to bless us when we seek Him with a heart filled with persistence, faith and in keeping with His will. Jesus Himself told us to be persistent in our prayers.

Perhaps we should look at what God's will was in each case. With Jacob He was securing a nation...he renamed Jacob Israel. With Israel He was building a nation. He was fulfilling a promise. God will never turn back on His own promises.

With us? what is His ultimate will in our lives? That is up to us. As we are obedient and humble, He works through us to do His will. He chastens, corrects, guides, teaches and has mercy upon us. We are fortunate He is a forbearing patient God, I think. It is yet to be seen what God will do with us, but He can be trusted to bring about good because He says He will. I dare say that Moses and Jacob had no idea how all they did (at the time they did it) would ultimately fit into the scheme of God's purpose and plan.

I know one thing for certain, I can trust God to work out things in my life for good according to His purposes. But I do agree that it takes my will being in complete accord with God's will for me to witness these things. And some things I'll just never understand. selahV


Thank you. That brought about a lot of clarity. My husband and I were just talking about God's will this weekend. Sometimes it is hard for my feeble mind to think of God changing His because He is all-knowing but I have to remember as a parent myself I change my mind based on my children's repentance and such so with God being so much better of a "parent" than me He surely could.

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