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  • Sometimes I wonder how much better off the world would be if everyone purposed in their hearts and minds to compliment ten people a day.
    "The eyes of the Lord keep guard over knowledge and him who has it..." Pr.22:12 Oh that Wisdom be confirmed by the knowledge we discover and grasp. God expects discretion be used in the knowledge we have so that He be glorified. God will guard our hearts and minds "but He overthrows the words of the treacherous." With believers, knowledge comes with responsibility. All we do with what we know is accountable to God. Likewise the words of our mouth reveal the integrity of our hearts. May we speak and act with integrity with that which we know that the Lord be glorified. selahV


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June 26, 2007



:) thanks Selahv.. good thoughts, and the sanswer is yes and yes... We are in God's Sovereign will, but we may be outside his good and perfect will, his moral will.
Mary.. just a question to consider.. (I know you can't hear the tone of my voice, so I'll say I am not being sarcastic or moody or anything, my tone isn't light or flippant, my tone is .. well I have a quizical look on my face, my question is phrased softly and gently because I am truly considering the hypothesis). I used to hold that view of God being "outside of time" and have come to question it for several reasons:
1. As far as I can see there is no scriptural warrant for saying this. Do you have any scriptures in mind that state this in any way? I would find it helpful if you can think of any.
2. I guess then, for myself, I accepted this as a philosophical way of avoiding some of the difficult implications of God's Sovereignty and God's righteousness.
But the question I had to ask myself was, "why should I create a hypothesis that doesn't do justice to the way God has created me. He has created me (and all mankind) to exist on a timeline. There is a time to be born and a time to die.. and I am supposed to be overwhelemed with God's nature as eternal, ever without beginning or ending (in fact the very deep implication of the name YHWH, and the very reason to take our shoes off for we are on holy ground, dealing with the very nature and being of God). Since God wants us to stand in awe and worship of His being and nature as being with beginning or ending, to postulate that God stands outside of time (as something we imagine) effects and affects our worship of Him as being eternal.
I would value every one's thoughts on this and comments.. and look forward to some reverent and worshipful discussion of God's nature and the implications this has for us.
Thanks Mary and SelahV for opening up some very deep thoughts to discuss.


oops left out aprt of a word... "withOUT" in the sentence "Since God wants us to stand in awe and worship of His being and nature as being with OUT beginning or ending, to postulate that God stands outside of time (as something we imagine) effects and affects our worship of Him as being eternal."


Grosey, Grosey...I'm gonna have to look up some of the verses that speak to me of God being beyond time and space. But for now, might I paraphrase that when we die, there will be no more night. so therefore there no more 24-hour night and day, correct? Does that not put God outside time as man perceives it to be?

God is already in that eternal day. We are living to die and live in that eternal day. Time as we know it, is just this second. That's it. Opps, just lost another. Yet you hold my second because you are now reading what I wrote in my second. But even as I write, when you read this, I will be doing something entirely different in time as you do something in yours. We are outside each other's space.

Of course, they might not fit into what you are saying here. But I was reading something Oswald Chambers wrote that seems to agree with Mary.

"There is no space or time with Almighty God. We cannot think beyond the limits of birth and death; if we are to know anything beyond them, it must be by revelation."

Wouldn't that be something God uses to reveal His Sovereignty to us? by revelation? And I cannot begin to speak for Mary's, or even your understanding of God and how he works in your life. But I do understand how He is working in mine. He reveals much to me as I know he does to you, Grosey.

As we "bring every thought we have into the captivity of Christ" and allow Him to reveal His truth to us, can it not be that we see truth from two different angles and yet it remain truth?

Paul told Timothy, "think over what I say, for the Lord will grant you understanding in everything." 2Tim.2:7

You and I, Grosey, have had some incredible things happen in our lifetimes. Most people couldn't conceive living long enough to have had the things happen to them that we've experienced in our lifetimes. They are our realities. But to write them all down and then to even comprehend how God is keeping a record of all we've said and done and everyone else in the universe....well, that to me is beyond time as we plunk it in our daytimers and post it on our calendars.

I just love that God has it all figured out. selahV

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    An opinion is something we own as ours. What we feel necessary to state publicly could become another's opinion as well. It would be good to consider how much truth is at the core of one's opinion before voicing it. Are we willing to take the time to dig to that depth before we adopt another's opinion as our own? selahV