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July 12, 2013


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Hariette - I hope this finds you doing well.

From my 50+ year perspective of SBC life, I can tell you that our leadership and majority membership have been infrequently accused of humility. Pride is the root of a host of sins and we've had a chronic infection of it in recent years. The current theological debate is nothing more than pride trying to hold on to teachings and traditions of men, with a wrestling match of intellect and agenda for the SBC throne. Whose glory are we really concerned about?!

I truly believe you can trace the drop in SBC baptisms to a root of pride which has separated us from God's presence. We have become known as a people always fussing with each other about something. That behavior has stripped us from a denominational gifting of evangelism which once characterized SBC work. Thus, there is very little anointing in pulpit and pew to penetrate lostness with our feeble attempts. We are doing church without God and haven't realized that ... so He lets us have our King without His favor.

The number of genuine conversions have always been a barometer of the health of a church and denomination. The SBC is on the critical list currently and nearing the undertaker. Only a widespread outbreak of repentance will fix that, but we must first humble ourselves, pray and seek His face. IF My People ... THEN Will I. But will we?


Max, I am as well as can be expected and far better than I deserve.
...pride is standing in the gap of many stalled movements of God. He hates pride so much. It's one of the seven deadly sins... the root of all that ails us. Seems we would heed his message and "humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways and seek his face", wouldn't we? if we truly wanted to see an increase in the lost coming to Jesus. selahV


"if we truly wanted to see an increase in the lost coming to Jesus"

Hariette - therein lies our dilemma. "If" is such a little word, but stands in the way of spiritual awakening. I fear that Southern Baptists have become so complacent that the majority is satisfied to live without revival; thus, we won't experience it. I long for an outbreak of humility and prayer, but I see little movement in that direction in the pulpit and pew. As for me and my house, we are focusing on "personal revival" whether the masses get ahold of it or not.


Max, you are spot on. and as we focus on our own personal revivals, they will be the spark that get fires going. I trust in the God who never panics. And I will not be discouraged anymore. I will not be defeated in the face of what seems hopeless and useless. I am ignoring those who quibble and squabble and point fingers at everyone else. I am to blame. selahV

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