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November 18, 2012


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CRAZY!! Please remind me....what country do we live in again?? The Soviet Union of yester years?? This is So wrong.....I can see God frowning on this country right now. Seriously I don't understand what people were thinking when they voted for this president. I feel it's only going to get worse until our country is turned into a more freedom of religion, or freedom of speech. Our president is not God, and should not be trying to take on the role of being such! God WILL bring this country to its knees! Hope you're ready Obama...My personal belief is if you're not ready for a child then be responsible with your know what they can lead to. You are in control of your own actions...morning after pill or abortion pill is a flat out selfish choice. If you are old enough to be having sex then you are old enough to be responsible for the outcome of it! Be an adult and take responsibility for yourself!....Yes I know this is not how the rest of the world works or thinks. Hobby Lobby stand up for what you believe! God will bless you....I support YOU 100%!!!!

Pastor Mickey

What so many who are condemning Hobby Lobby (don't know that I have ever been in one) for is something they don't understand....when Hobby Lobby agree's to purchase this form of insurance usually only a portion is passed on to the employee...the company pays part, the employee pays part....that's the way it works on most policies....Hobby Lobby should be able to deny any and all if that is their choice.....but they have chosen to do the right thing....cover all but the objectional parts....I appreciate Hobby Lobby for standing strong....and pray now that the court has ruled against them that the appeal will work in their favor so they may remain open...


This is so crazy. Hobby Lobby opened a brand new store in North Phoenix on Bell Road & 7th Street in a location that's been empty for over 8 years. I was so happy to see that store. It created new jobs. I'm praying that they win the lawsuit. This mandate is the worst thing that could happen to businesses. We shouldn't have to choose between our businesses and our beliefs!


Where on earth do you get birth control for $4???? Even 20 years ago when I was getting birth control pills from Planned Parenthood (because I had no insurance) it was $10! Today, the birth control I use (which I use to control endometriosis, by the way) is $250 every 3 months!


This case has already been ruled upon.


Hobby Lobby is not against birth control. They are not against their insurance providing birth control. They are against the abortive drugs. Got it?


Facts: Regulations will require insurers to cover emergency contraception. However, doctors and regulators make a distinction between drugs that prevent conception and others that terminate an existing Hobby Lobby’s claim that they are forced to offer “abortion drugs” isn’t accurate. And though there may be no co-payment, that doesn't necessarily make the service free for someone who is paying for private insurance (just ask the many employees of thousands of other companies, many run by Christians, employees who are going to be owning cost-sharing…there’s nothing “free” here)!


Suzanne... doesn't matter what other "Christian" companies do. THIS company is owned by a Christian family that does not feel the government should force them to pay for these drugs. plain and simple. and they are right. it is against their religious convictions... This is an issue that is personal... and it affects the religious liberty of these individuals and violates their conscience.

james wilcher

Can you lay every one off and then hire them back part time with out paying the insurance.Aboration is wrong.


@Suzanne- There are alot of people who argue when pregnancy or life begins making these drugs very controversial. Does life (read pregnancy) begin with fertilization or implantation of an egg (or birth as pro-choice people argue)? The morning after pill, the week after pill, and IUD's can prevent implantation of an egg (not fertilization) leading people who believe life begins with fertilization to call them abortive drugs. The argument is that a fertilized egg does not get the nutrients it needs if implantation does not occur, resulting in a miscarriage. There are actually groups of physicians calling for more education of patients requesting IUD's because they fear there are people using IUD's who do not know that they prevent implantation and not fertilization.

jennifer siegel

I work for a large catholic based hospital in SE Michigan and they do not provide any coverage for anything that has to with abortion, contraception or steralization. So how can the goverment allow them not to have that coverage but won't allow Hobby Lobby that same right.

Shannan Vester

Though I completely agree with how they feel, it seems much worse to put so many people out of work in an economy like ours. Plus, working for a Christian company may be the only voice of God many of their employees hear. I would write a statement to give to every employee stating how strongly the company feels about these drugs and PRAY that none of the employees ever use them. It is sad that our government is coming to this but we cannot allow it to take away companies like this who have real values on our country.


Check and see what is offered from your companies insurance before you take the job Dianne. If they don't offer what you need maybe you need to find a job somewhere else. I am behind you 110% Hobby Lobby fight for God and what is right. You have to stand for something!!!!!


Jennifer, I don't know. some places are given waivers of exemption. and that is NOT right at all. in some cases it is because they say the business is not religious so they can't do it unless it is a religious organization.


I am a small business owner and am behind Hobby Lobby 100%. A couple of facts that are missing here:
1. Hobby Lobby is not denying their employees anything, they still can get these items just not through health insurance.
2. While the employees pay for coverage, companies are mandated to pay for at least 50% of the total premium, so it is forcing Hobby Lobby to pay for something they don't believe in.
3. A business owner has every right to dictate how his business is run as it was started with his time, money, effort, risk and faith.
4. An employee has every right to work wherever they want if they don't like how their employer does things.
This company has treated it's people well and put them first, shame on the government for treating them like they are doing a disservice to their people.
I am grateful that a large business like Hobby Lobby will take on the expense of fighting this because if small businesses like ours tried we would be out of business in a few months because of attorney's fees and 23 people would be out of a job. Thank you Hobby Lobby.


Thanks Janelle, this is a great comment. Hobby Lobby is fighting for its own principles and helping fight for the little businesses, too. I pray God moves mountains with this situation. May He have all the glory in it, too. thanks for commenting

Ben Sherman

It really bothers me that some of the people who have posted on this site claim to be believers in Christ and turn around and say that abortion is an "accepted medical benefit," like it is insulin for a diabetic. And just because a woman can make the choice to terminate their baby's life doesn't mean companies and taxpayers should have to pay for it. People are making it sound like it is a god-given right. It is not a right in the eyes of God, and for Hobby Lobby to believe that abortion is wrong is their choice. Can those of you who are pro-abortion really sit here and say that you are happy your tax dollars are being used to kill babies? If the answer to that is "yes" then you need to go to the nearest school playground tomorrow and pick out a kid to terminate. Because it is the same thing. You can absolve yourself of the guilt by saying "It's their choice, not mine," but if you support this law and this administration you are guilty. What's next? Population control like China has? "Too many girl babies and they have to die?" Maybe the government will come into your home and decide which of your children should live or die. You people who support this law and this president have sold your soul and the whole country to the Devil.


The larger problem here is the concept of an employer having anything to do with employees' health care in the first place. We don't have our car insurance provided by our employer, but allow them to choose our health insurance? It's really rather stupid.

That said, I recently read about something called "defined contribution" health plans, where a company can give employees a certain dollar amount and then allow them to choose the insurance plant they want. This might be a solutions, since the actual choice of insurance would be down to the employees and their own values and not the employer. If the employer has to be involved at all, this seems to be the most hands-off approach that could be acceptable to both sides of the debate.


This is a serious suggestion. Please take it as so. Hire grandmas. Even if those things are covered by the insurance it would not be used.

Terance Schmidt

Before you shut down your stores, please consider this. A small portion of your health care costs may go towards a pill that you consider to be murder of an innocent. I agree that this should not be the case. On the other hand, you pay your taxes, some of which go to pay for our military. Our military is generally used well, but in the course of doing what they do, often times innocents and children are killed or injured. This is an accepted outcome of what they do. So it's already the case that some of the money you pay goes towards killing innocent life. Have you renounced doing anything that would cause you to owe taxes?

Lanore Podolske

Is there any petition available to sign?

Colleen Meurer Mallari

Carl, your analogy with a gun is completely irrelevant. The purpose of the gun is not to shoot people, if you give it to someone to use for hunting and they choose to use it to murder you have no control over that. However, there is only one purpose for the procedures and medications that Hobby Lobby should not be forced to pay for based on their corporate philosophy. If Congress can exempt themselves from the healthcare bill for no good reason Hobby Lobby should be able to because it is against their beliefrs.


Tula, that may be a great solution. thanks for contributing to this issue. selahV


Susan, would be great except then someone would sue for age discrimination. selahV thanks for logging on your thoughts, though


Lanore, not that I know of. It may be on someone's mind though. I'd say contact your congressman and senator and tell them you want this amended in the law. that is the best course of action we can take.


Colleen, you are spot on! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. selahV

Brenda Moore

stand your ground I believe that god will listen and everything, will be ok, the goverment needs to back of, everybody doesn't beleive in ending a life.


Jenny-O, I can testify to acupuncture's effectiveness. I suffer from migraines and when I get one, it is physically debilatating and I get sick. If I can get to the dr's office, I get a treatment and within 20 minutes my symptoms are subsiding. After 2 hours, my head is simply sore from the tension. I assure you, acupuncture is NOT a gimmick. TTU it sometime, you will be a naysayer no more. (I once thought exactly as you, until I allowed a family member to show me. He is, by the way, my dr.)


DD... can you tell me if the pain has to be evident at the time of treatment? I have a chronic back pain... which worsens when I stand over 5 to 7 minutes. my chiro has helped at times when I get to the point I cannot move without excruciating pain. thanks for commenting. I've heard a lot of good about acupuncture. alot.


I find it reprehensible that people complain about this when morning after pills are available in many if not all states for cheap OTC. However, I have nearly debilitating allergies to just about everything that grows, dies or blows. This condition causes a serious impairment to my every day quality of life (including massive stomach aches caused by post nasal drip during sleep), however the few medications that significantly alleviated them are no longer paid for by my insurance (and are hard if not impossible to get at pharmacies now) because things like Allieve and Zertec which only marginally work for me are available OTC. I pay ~20 dollars (depending on sales and coupons this is an average) for a 12 day supply. In addition since the base condition isn't properly alleviated I use significant analgesics for massive headaches along with other OTC medication which I haven't costed quite as well to reduce symptoms.

If Hobby Lobby doesn't want to pay for morning after pills, they should be just as free to create their health plan as my company has been for whatever reason they choose. I don't see anyone up in arms about my quality of life from the insurance I'm paying for, so I'm not particularly interested in fighting for someone having to get something like this through formulary.

You anti-religion/anti-christianity nuts should get a life and figure out that when certain forms of Islam take over as much control of this country as it has in much of Europe you will start to see things completely differently. Enjoy your time with the nice relatively tolerant people.


Darren, this is what does NOT make any sense as far as this healthcare mandate is concerned. if businesses are FORCED to pay for these abortifactants then they should have to pay for every single kind of medicine out there for every single kind of ailment or they will be considered discriminating against those people. this is so ludicrous it is borders on insanity. and I hate that you are so chronically ill with these allergies. May God bless you and heal you. selahV


Look how thousands turned out to support Chick Filet....make a day for Hobby Lobby so we can show our support there. Lets not back down. We are losing our American Christian rights every day....Stand up Christians...not for Hobby Lobby but for the stand they have made - our beliefs. Where do we sign up ?


I don't think that God would want you to put all of those people who work at your stores OUT OF WORK because you don't want to provide health care for them. In my opinion, THAT goes against Christian values.


This is so sad....makes no sense that religious beliefs are not honored here when they must be honored everywhere else, hospitals, in the work place itself etc..... The bad part is this is just the beginning of what the government will do, this my folks is obamacare in the first trimester! Praying that God will interfer in this situation, God Bless you Mr Green and your company. Stand firm!


I am a Christian and I will be praying that God will work in this for His Glory! Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1. Have faith.

Bethany B.

I feel like if the owners of Hobby Lobby dont want there insurance plans to cover emergency contraceptives or oral contraceptives that are taken on a daily basis, then maybe they should not offer there employees health insurance at all. There are lots of places that dont offer it. There are people that are able to work that have insurance through a spouse, and insurance isnt a concern for some!Just a thought.

cathy witt

We fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. Seems theres something dark coming against this company. Christians recognize and know this. GOD BLESS HOBBY LOBBY AND THE STAND THEY TAKE FOR GODS KINGDOM AND PLAN!!!


Why can't they just put insurance and not offer a drug plan. That can be done cant it?


Leslie, I have no idea what all the legalities are with Hobby Lobby insurance demands. I believe they have to provide this drug with their plan. I don't understand it either.
thanks for thinking about it and logging on.

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