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November 18, 2012


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Steve Martin

There you have it.

The 1st stage thinking of Democrats and the unintended (un-thought of) consequences of utopian dreams on real-life businesses and people, ruining the hard work and years of efforts of business owners, and putting more people out of work.

Just idiotic.

Look at Hostess.

Same principle.

Patricia Hunt

Our Country is in sad shape. We have a leader that doesn't believe in my God, Jesus Christ. My family is one that love the Lord and loves to do crafts. We stand behind you. Our God is a big God.

Renee Juarez

DO NOT back down and allow the government to make you do something you don't believe in. Even if it comes down to closing yours stores. This country is in the condition it is because too many Christians didn't take a stand when laws against their beliefs were taking place. I will continue to pray for you, your company and this nation. May God continue to bless you.



Deborah O'Flynn Phinazee

How sad that such an awesome company, one of the few, that stands for what is right in our country is going to be penalized for following God's standards. I absolutely love going into this store and hearing the Christian music and knowing that this store cares for its employees and their families. It is a blessing to shop at Hobby Lobby. If this company closes its doors it will even more loudly to the issues of a crumbling America.

Carl B

I stand behind your opposition as freedom of speech, but I'm assuming you have employees in your work place who aren't Christian. If that is true, you have to uphold the law for those people. Otherwise you are pushing your religious beliefs on them by not providing the same health care that is provided by the rest of the work force and indirectly doing exactly what you are accusing the government of (on a smaller scale).

If you only had Christian employees then I'm sure they would all be more than willing to sign a petition which states they would be satisfied with your decision as a company to turn down these benefits. Even so, I'd still ask your employees (Christian or not) to stand up with you against the government.

It is not your personal decision to make for your employees what they ingest or what they don't ingest (legally of course). You aren't breaking God's law by providing the ability to acquire these pills under health regulations. You would be breaking God's law doing the deed yourself.

Let me put it this way. If you give your teenager a gun to hunt, it's not your fault if he uses that gun to kill people. Sure you may feel bad, but you must realize that it was his decision and his decision alone what to do with the gun.

By "standing up for your rights" and completely closing down your franchise you are not helping anyone. You are in fact going to be a hypocrite by pointing a finger when in fact you can provide the care and urge your employees not to use it as it is an un-Christian thing to do. That is the Christian way after all. Provide the temptation and scold them if they do it. That's how the Devil and God work.

Ending a large number (how many employees do you have?) of careers and employments because you don't "feel right" is selfish and unjust.

Stand up for what you believe in! Take them to court. I hope you win! If you lose however, and you decide to close your stores I hope you realize how big of a mistake you've made and how many people's lives you've effected because you are unable to perceive the situation any deeper than your own religious self satisfaction.

Good luck to you!


What can we do? Write letters? Suggestions?

Joe Scott

This has nothing to do with standing up for Jesus, but pushing ones religious beliefs on their employees. And that's why they won't win.


When faced with the choice of going against what God has said and what government says, one will never be wrong in choosing God.


In a country that was founded for the simple purpose of fleeing religious persecution...we have strayed so far from what is right and what is good that I honestly don't think people know what is right or wrong. God is bigger than our circumstances and God knows what is going on. I pray you and everyone who works for you continues to be blessed by God and that his wisdom will give the lawyers the right words to say to bring honor to God. God ALWAYS makes the impossible...possible.


CARL... while I am not Hobby Lobby, I am a Christian. and the way I see it, if anyone is not happy with the way a person does business, he or she is free to choose another place to work and also free to not eat in their establishment or purchase their products. THAT is a free country.

Hobby Lobby's ownership should not be forced by this government to give their employees something they find objectionable to give...they are forcing business owners to purchase something they do not want to purchase in order to stay in business.

Hobby Lobby already pays taxes on a corporate level and on an individual level. Government already gets their money to support Planned Parenthood. Let people go's still legal, unfortunately.

Next thing ya know the government will be telling them they have to supply a happy hour and stop using Christian music in their store. This is flat out wrong. Flat out unconstitutional. And when it gets to the Supreme Court, if Obama hasn't already replaced all the constitutionalists with liberal idiots who legislate from the bench, then this should be overturned. Obamacare is a mess. a pathetic mess.

Thanks so much for commenting. selahV


Joe, I respectfully disagree. This is their own rights that are being abused. Where in the constitutional or state law does it say we must leave our religious beliefs out of our businesses because we go into business? Where? If that were true, then everyone would have to follow a set of secular rules for every single solitary thing, including removing the crosses in the store for sale which could offend the Muslims, or remove Buddhas from stores because it may offend Christians. This is a ridiculous law. Are we going to have to pay for sexual mutation next? This is telling a Christian he cannot do business unless he or she is willing to reject their own beliefs. We live in America... not the Soviet Union of yesterday. selahV


While I hate the thought of not having Hobby Lobby stores around,I am behind the founder 100% in honoring God. It is a blessing to go into a Hobby Lobby store & find merchandise that is hard to find anywhere else at a reasonable price. An added pleasure is the beautiful Christian music they play. God is a great God & is in control & He can take care of this situation.God Bless the Hobby Lobby family.


Dorothy, I totally agree with you. Thanks for logging on and voicing your support. selahV


I'm in full agreement...i'm not saying this because of my beliefs, for i am not christian, but on the fact that this once great country was founded on freedom of religion and the ability to worship what ever deity or god we choose to.....and that the government shouldn't be able to infringe on those beliefs. And besides the fact that they are exempting other companies for convenience or cost....then why not Hobby Lobby.


thanks Jimmy... I appreciate that you see this the way I do. and it is solely because of the rights that we are seeing being diluted, wiped out, and re-written to suit come people over other that has me quite opposed to what the government is doing. and since the government is really we the people, then the representatives we have should stand down on this or stand up against it. thanks for commenting. selahV


Carl & Joe - It WOULD be forcing their religious beliefs on people if their employees were not ALLOWED to purchase these drugs. However, their employees are free to purchase any legal drug for which they have a prescription. Their insurance just doesn't cover it. Big difference. My health insurance doesn't cover acupuncture--so??? If I want it, I can go to a provider and purchase it. The government has no right to force an organization to pay for something they believe is sinful.


AMV... excellent point. thanks for commenting. selahV

Charlotte Deason

This is a sad predicament Hobby Lobby has been forced in to! We support the right for Christians to run their businesses following their Godly principles! If anyone else was being denied their civil rights it would be a travesty! Christians have NO RIGHTS! Heaven help us!!!


You guys need to think of the slippery slope you're on. It's not whether you believe in the morning after pill or not, it's whether you - a full time employee who is PAYING for insurance, should be denied something that is a standard of care because your company is against it. First it's contraception. But there are religious organizations against blood transfusions. There are some against transplants. Others believe chemotherapy intervention is against God's will. Be very careful here. Once you cross the line, you are on the other side. I believe if you work and pay for the insurance, you should be covered - and you have the choice to NOT take advantage of the coverage. But your employer should not be in the position of deciding for you.

Jenny O

AMV - acupuncture is a gimmick. Birth control is something that not only protects women from unwanted pregnancies, but dealing with other painful issues that can arise during their monthly cycles.


Dianne, you see, my friend... I think we've already slid to the bottom of that slippery slope. the point is not whether or not an employer exercises their right to limit what they cover according to their freedom of religion, but that the government has the right to force a person to do anything that is against their religious rights. If a person is so steamed up that they need the birth control pill they can get them from planned parenthood or spend 4 bucks to get them. and if they don't like the fact that Hobby Lobby is exercising their religious freedom and protecting the life of in the womb, then people do not have to work there. They can find a job at McDonalds... oh wait... they are exempt from even buying insurance for their employees altogether.

At least Hobby Lobby gives insurance. If Hobby Lobby cannot be exempted, perhaps Hobby Lobby needs to cut all it's workers to 29 hours a week and eliminate all health-care for everyone. that'll solve the problem, won't it?

Elaine Cloer

Stand tall and stand proud of your Christian beliefs. Know what you are doing is good and right. God willing you will come out the winner! I love Hobby Lobby!!

Barbara Crafton

I am with you 100%. All christians should fight this out instead of just sitting back and just let happen. Praying hobby lobby is a round for a long time. Prayers for you and our country.


Jenny O- acupuncture is not a gimmick and is used by several liscensed physicians in their practice. The article did not say anything about birth control pills, but emergency contraception like the morning after pill. The morning after pill should not be confused with regular birth control pills that are taken on a daily basis. Birth control pills prevent conception, the morning after pill will prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall.


Ris... thanks for clarifying this for Jenny O. these abortive drugs are not only morally wrong, they are extremely dangerous to the health of the girl taking them. the government is into population control if you ask me. that's what this is all about.


Everyone does realize that emergency contraception, the morning after pill, etc. is available over the counter without a prescription, right? No one needs insurance coverage to purchase it.


No, Lisa, I didn't know this. It makes it all the more ludicrous that Hobby Lobby should be made to provide it through insurance. It's nuts. thanks for sharing.

C Henry

Praying for the Lords continued favor and blessing on hobby lobby and your family. I so admire you standing up for what is right. The Lord will bless that.

Mary A. Jones

Thank you Mr. Green for following Jesus Christ. I will be praying for you.


"The government cannot force you to follow laws that go against your fundamental religious belief. They have exempted thousands of companies but will not except Christian organizations including the Catholic church."

Actually, the government HAS excepted religious organizations including churches, schools, and hospitals. But why let facts ruin a good rant?

Benita M.

The only way Hobby Lobby will win is if it had more Christian employees than secular ones. So many Christians (I am one-- and thank God every day for the right to choose FYI) are chastising Hobby Lobby for wasting their money on a battle they will lose (Hosanna-Tabor case just before the Hobby Lobby motion - a conservative supreme court unanimously opposed similar motions 9-0).

I really wished Christians spent more energy on politics that actually benefit the poor the way Jesus taught.

You know what's funny? I get all my Hobby Lobby emails on Sundays. How's that for not working on the Sabbath?


Carl & Joe,
1) An employee does NOT have a RIGHT to their job. If they do not like the conditions or benefits then they are free to find employment elsewhere.
2) The employer SHOULD have a right to determine the benefits they will provide, especially in cases where certain benefits may conflict with their religious beliefs. If the employee does not like it, see point 1.
3) This does NOT constitute pushing your religion on employees, it goes to the rights of the employer to determine how they run their business.
4) As for "it's the Christian way to provide the temptation and then scold someone not to use it", with all due respect that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. According to that logic Hobby Lobby should just put free hookers and syringes of heroin in the break rooms and encourage their employees not to indulge. We are neither God nor the devil and should not try to act as if we are.
5) Even if this were not a matter of religious belief, what right should a woman have to tell anyone else that they should pay for her sexual preferences or consequences. It is NOT a "health" issue, as liberals like to claim - it is a choice issue. You want to have sex then buy your own pills or condoms. You want to abort a baby then pay for it yourself. And don't try to claim "you don't pay, the insurance will". The cost of the insurance is higher if those things are covered, so covering the insurance cost IS exactly equivalent to paying for those things directly.


Frankly, there are many insurance companies that do not provide a number of prescriptions or services. Why choose this one to bully Hobby Lobby with? I don't see it necessary for every company to cover everything. There are things out there that need to be covered far more than abortion pills. It is elective and not life-saving. Should we force them to pay for plastic surgery? It's an elective.


If you don't believe in something, that's fine. The government is not asking you take them. But why should others not have access to things because of YOUR beliefs? Everyone is entitled to their own belief system, but one side of it should not be punished because the other side considers it morally wrong.

I consider teaching things not proven with science morally wrong, and yet it's still done all around the US and nothing is done about it. I consider giving tax breaks to churches morally wrong, and yet that's done too. It's only when it's something against religious points of view is it a big deal. It's never a big deal when it's against those who stand on the other side, and try and fight for their own rights.

I hope you ladies are able to open your eyes one day, and be accepting of other people. After all, isn't that what being religious is about? Being loving, and accepting?

scott young

It is sad that a company would put a belief system before a persons health and well being. Offer council to the employees, pray for them to do right, do not create more unemployment based on what choices a person may or may not make.

It truly sounds like more of a political or financial statement than a christian one. Find a way to obey the laws of God and man. I think that's in the book somewhere.


This really almost brought tears to my eyes! It made my heart fill with joy to know that there are still companies (large ones, like yours) that are living for the Lord!! I will keep this is continual prayer! Just remember that Gods plans our better than our own and that our God is greater!!!!


Mr. Green and Family, we applaud you! We applaud you for your faithful stand before the Face of God. Praying for you here in Canada!


Dianne and Jenny: You are sadly inaccurate when you say that employees will be DENIED a drug (morning after/contraceptives, etc.) because their company doesn't believe in it. They are denied NOTHING!! My insurance doesn't cover viagra, but I am not denied it, I merely have to pay for it. It also doesn't cover some other drugs that I may purchase (legally) on my own. There is a difference between DENYING something and opting not to cover it under their prescription drug plan. Here is a solution: Offer insurance that does not force companies to pay for something they are religiously opposed to and offer a rider to that policy that individuals can purchase separately (but offered through the same carrier) that covers those things. This is simple folks. I do not agree with Obamacare, but I also don't believe it is going away anytime soon, so we have to find solutions, not keep ranting about it. Exempt companies from objectionable coverages (but still offer insurance) but offer riders to their employees who wish that coverage (that the employee pays for). Simple. Thanks for allowing MY rant....


It could also be argued in the same manner for the catholic hospital here. They do not allow or perform abortions there. Yet many people use the facility whether Christian or not. It's not really about forcing your views on anyone. As an employee, if you can't handle it, then don't work there. It should be the companies right to decide that because they have to pay for it. It's not any different than a parent refusing to pay for something that they don't want there children to have. As a parent, would you willingly want to pay for something for your child that you did not think was right or could harm them? This argument could be argued up and down on both sides. They should fight for their right, and the preservation of the companies standards as they see fit. The company belongs to the family, not the government, not the employees. Bottom line, listen to God. It's so sad what this country is coming to, sad and scary!

Sharon Kaye

Many good points taken. Our government already controls businesses with to many rules, it needs to stop. But yet I can't get my last paycheck, the company ignores my requests. Wish all businesses were closed on Sundays.


If there is something that we can do all is pray and stand with you, there must be something in the law to dismissed this stuff. That is the concequences of voting for the wrong person...I still cannot believe how that can had happen. Any how, God is bigger than anything and surely his Spirit will guide you in this mess. Praise you JESUS!!

Nancy Klassen

There are times when obeying the Precepts of the LORD take precedence over the immoral laws of the land. This is one of those times. Know that there are many folks who are praying for you as a company and as a family. May the LORD guide you in making wise decisions for Him.

DiAnne King

God will have the last word. Bless you for listening to HIM and living by HIS LAWS. I will continue to be your customer and pray for you. I appreciate your stand in faith.

Barbara Ahnes

By providing people with paychecks, you are undoubtidly enabling people to make choices with which you have religious objection. I really don't see how this is different. People are entitled to their own choices. Providing healthcare is a good thing. Keep trusting God, and keep 'giving to Ceasar, that which is Ceasar's'.


I have worked for many years at a Catholic hospital that does not pay for contraception. Hundreds of employees know this and pay for it themselves. The government should NOT be able to force any company to go against their religious beleifs. I think the idea of the employee paying to add the rider to their insurance may be a good idea. However, when offered the option of adding the rider they'll probably choose to just pay $4 for the pills instead.

Vickie A.

I agree with Hobby Lobby's beliefs. When you do everything unto our God and uphold His Word then you sometimes have to take a stand that most people will not agree with. It's better to stand on the Word and what He asks us then what the government dictates. When it's all said and done we all will face our maker and He's the one we all want to please....not man. Good for Hobby Lobby to take a stand on what they believe in. My prayers are with you.


Praying for you and your store-please keep standing up for what is right and Righteous. Be a leader.
I stand behind you
God Bless!





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