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September 14, 2012


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Steve Martin

Amen, SelahV.

These poor women and girls are in bondage to a religious/political system that relegates them to a life of fear and subservience.

I will re-double my efforts to pray for them.

Thanks for the reminder.

Les Prouty

Great reminder. Thanks for posting this.

Johnathan Pritchett

Well said.

Actually, quite a few Democrats are alarmed about this issue. So there is some hope at least.

One of our Senators, Mark Pryor, is a Democrat from Arkansas, and he is "mostly" pro-life, except rape, incest, or mother's life in danger.

I voted for him. He's quite an evangelical as well, for a politician. Bill Maher hates him, so that's a good sign.


I heard on the news yesterday, a quick blurb, that China is considering eliminating their one-child policy. Couldn't find another thing about it after I heard it. Still looking. can't remember which station I was listening to when I heard it. This made me sick when I watched the video. That one woman who killed 8 girls and showed where she'd buried them and seemed to laugh about it. like they were kittens to discard. Cruelty to animals gets more protection, an eagle, for crying out loud. Life is insane.

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