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August 09, 2012


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"Many glory in being too intellectual to receive anything as absolute certainty: they are not at all inclined to submit to the authority of a positive revelation."

Therein lies much of our problem with the current SBC theological debate. Intellects are running rampant and out of control! Education doesn't produce one ounce of revelation. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with education (I even have some), but unless we surrender our intellect to God, we will not have an ear to hear what He is saying to the church. He builds His Kingdom on revelation knowledge, not on the teachings and traditions of men. Praise God, He reveals Truth to us at a personal, individual level as we humble ourselves to seek His face. Once He speaks (however He chooses to speak to us) we can't unlearn the absolute certainties of revealed truth. A man with a personal experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument. I know that I know that I know!


Funny Max, that is the sentence out of that whole thing that grabbed me too. And I think education is a valuable thing to have. However, I do believe sometimes that a less educated Believer doesn't have to have everything "proved" to him and a truth revealed to them through God's spirit is a wisdom gained by God alone and not from what one knows due to knowledge. Facts are great, but faith in God needs no education. I know, cause I know and that is all I need to know. The rest is gravy that I learn as I go.

thanks for dropping in. selahV

Jeremy Crowder

Well Augustine and Calvin hated compeition of ideas from my reading of history while Arminius and Pelagius just wanted to explore alternatives. Arminius was a Professor at a Christian University and Calvinism didn't make sense to him. He was a young child when Calvin died and basicaly grew up Calvinist. John Calvin was an Attorney in the Roman Catholic Church who rejected the Catholic Church. In a sense the Calvinists became just as power hungry and mean as the Catholics before them towards Arminians. Pelagius we don't even honestly know what he taught because his teachings were destroyed we only have Augustine's version. So here is my take Calvin and Augustine would have blogs but refuse to allow any comments or criticism. If you were crititical then be prepared for an all out war. The other two would have not just blogs but Forums allowing people to talk about a whole range of things. This is not based on what they taught but my understanding of the personalities.

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