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August 25, 2012


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cb scott

Because you are His child, Jesus shall walk with you in this hard time. I am not going to tell you everything will be "OK." Because sometimes everything is not OK. And some of those things will not be OK this side of our home going.

But this I do know. Jesus will not leave you alone to stand. He has sent us the Comforter, the Holy Spirit Himself. He will not forsake us. No He will not. This I know. I know for He has never forsaken me, even me, the rascal I am sometimes, if not all times.

You are a righteous woman and an esteemed lady. You are a blood bought, child of the King. You will not be left alone, even when things are not OK.

Peggy Scott

My prayers are with you during this time and I will add your brother to my prayer list.Several months ago I had shared of a young man who had died in a traffic accident from our church.Today his widow was in church and is doing much better and returning to her work tomorrow.Losing your son who would have been 41 on the 25th, and then the news of your brother makes for a day to let the devil have a foot hold. Just remember that there are sisters and brothers in the Lord that will pray for strength in the coming days. My late husband died six years ago and on the 24th of Aug. we would have been married for 49 years. God does comfort us when we are having that really bad day.


CB..thanks so very much for your wonderful words of encouragement. It helps to release the pain in my heart with a few tears and your words just helped me do that. "I am persuaded that He is able, to keep that which I've committed unto Him against that day.", I so appreciate you. selahV


Peggy, that is wonderful news about the young wife. Bless her heart. No one knows but her the emptiness she has. August 24th is special to me too. I will never forget how I labored that day before I had Chad. I knew by the pain in my back that I was going to have him the next day. I've always counted that especially blessed. Maybe I should see this pain I felt on the 24th this past week as a prelude to a glorious beginning for my brother. I think I shall think that way now. Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers. selahV

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