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August 27, 2012


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Steve Martin

Thank you for sharing this with us.

I quite often listen to the late Dr. Rogers on the radio.

He was a terrific preacher.

The whole thing, however, is even a bit more simple than Dr. Rogers presented it.

There's really nothing that we can do to make this gospel effective. There's no little work required from us in "making a decision", or "accepting Jesus".

Jesus made the decision for us...on that cross. And in the hearing of that 'Good News' is created (Romans 1:16).

Yes, it is simple. Simpler than most people think.


Steve, I appreciate you stopping in and adding to my post. However, with your "simple" explanation here, "that Jesus made the decision for us...on that cross. And the hearing of that "Good News" is created, leaves a few holes in a person's information.

While I think the gospel is a simple message to be sure, the itty bit of info you provided would be sorely lacking of the clarity offered by Dr. Adrian Rogers. Should I copy and paste your comment and send it off to someone I loved and cared for so that they might have salvation, what would a person who has never heard of Jesus think of that information? Simple does not equal clarity. Simplicity does not equal brevity. See what I mean? selahV


Thank you Harriette for this post! Dr. Rogers was my mother's pastor after she relocated to the Memphis area following my father's death. Our family was blessed as he ministered to Mom during the last years of her life. Even with the demands of his mega-church, Dr. Rogers still found time to visit folks in the hospital and pray for them. A true pastor/evangelist!

The Gospel is really simple enough for a child to understand! The theological rift in SBC ranks has distracted us from our mission to preach that truth. There is much in Scripture about the sovereignty of God. There is much in Scripture about human responsibility and free will. Scripture doesn't contradict itself - it all works together in a way that is beyond human comprehension. God's plan of salvation is simple - to try to package it in a complex belief system and put it in a neat theological box is to stand in arrogance before the Creator. Salvation comes to those who come to salvation.


Max, you said a bunch with: "Salvation comes to those who come to salvation."

And those who believe in Jesus shall be saved.

I really don't fret much over the debates going on anymore. I have given the whole thing a lot of prayer and thought and believe God has it all under control no matter what people say, believe, or argue. It is to God I owe an explanation of what I believe and in Whom I trust.

I trust Jesus.

and I love, absolutely love, the sound and clear preaching of Adrian Rogers. He makes me happy in my body, soul, and spirit when I listen to him. I've decided I'm going to spend more time listening to his sermons than reading blogs and debates. selahV


Harriette, I would like to take credit for that last line in my comment, but I borrowed it from another Southern Baptist pastor of times past ... O.C.S. Wallace.

That's one of my favorite "whosoever" quotes from a prominent Southern Baptist. I ran across that line in Dr. Wallace's book "What Baptists Believe." Published by the SBC Sunday School Board in 1934, this book was used in the Training Course for Sunday School Workers for several years. There's no doubt what "whosoever" meant to Southern Baptists 80 years ago! Another passage from Dr. Wallace's book:

"It is by the truth that men are made free and alive. But the truth does not effect the spiritual change working alone ... in order that truth may become effective for the transformation of sinful man, it is necessary for the living Spirit of God to use it upon the man; but, on the other hand, it is necessary for the man to know truth. Regeneration takes place only when the soul of the man yields to these ideas. His yielding does not regenerate, though his resistance may hinder regeneration. It is when his soul assents to the truth which has been lodged in his mind, and consents to the domination of these truths in the realm of will and purpose, that he is regenerated."

I agree that we would all be better off listening to Dr. Rogers' sermons than blogging ourselves to death ... if we weren't so busy in this generation contending for the truths he held.


Oh now you have to go and say something wise like that: "if we weren't so busy in this generation contending for the truths he [Adrian Rogers] held."

Gosh, it would be nice if it was as simple as hibernating and feeding our personal spirit. But then we cannot be gorging on the Spirit and digesting the Bread of Life and not contend for the truth that men need to hear. It all goes together, doesn't it?

Well, I think my niche is to remind people of what "truths Adrian Rogers held" so folks can point folks to the truth. I'm not a good debater. But wow, do I like that quote from O.C.S. Wallace. That's a gooooood one. Thanks for sharing it. selahV


Harriette, you've been posting some great articles!

All Southern Baptists would do well to read O.C.S. Wallace's book "What Baptists Believe." I acquired my tattered copy at a yard sale this summer for a quarter. It was in a dark corner of a cardboard box - I retrieved that treasure with great joy. The best 25-cents I have ever spent!

In regard to contending for the faith, we all have different giftings in that regard. Some write, some debate, some pray. Unfortunately, the multitudes in SBC pews are either uninformed, misinformed, or willingly ignorant. When the sleeping masses are finally stirred, they may find themselves on an entirely new landscape ... with no energy to return home.


Well, thanks for the kudos, Max. I really like that we can still find treasures like Wallace's book. Peter Lumpkins is always stumbling across nuggets in SB history. I suppose we have a lot of apatheticly ignorant in the pews. But then we also have people who believe what we believe and do not know there are people who are teaching things contrary to what they believe in the same convention in which they support. I know I was totally ignorant of Calvnism till 2006, And by the time I learned how it was being quietly melting into the pews, it had been 3 decades of implementation by Reisenger, Founders, et al. I was truly surprised. And many today think this is nothing to be concerned about. Frogs in a kettle. ya know? selahV

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