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August 28, 2012


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Steve Martin

Yes, that is a big difference.

I do think that we are not so committed...while our Lord is extremely committed. To the point of dying on the cross for His enemies...'us'.


Yes, Steve...such blessings we receive from our risen Lord. selahV


In a church we formerly attended, our pastor invited a missionary to speak who had COMMITTED his life to ministering in Africa. A childhood friend of the pastor and a Southern Baptist missionary, this man's wife had been killed on the mission field by thieves. He had been severely beaten himself and left for dead. Following his recovery after being flown back to the U.S. for treatment, he was invited to our church to give his testimony of this awful tragedy. Remembering his friend from their youth, he introduced the missionary as "proof that any old bush will do." When the missionary took the pulpit, he looked at our pastor and said "Any old SURRENDERED bush will do." That is the difference between commitment and surrender.


Max, I think that's why we look to Christ for our example in that we would be obedient unto death. His complete and utter surrender of his will to the Father's will, shows us the complete will for our lives.

When we surrender to Him, He takes care of all commitments--the timing, the provision, the results. selahV

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