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July 28, 2012


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Dwight McKissic


A word fitly spoken. A blessing to read. A balm in Gilead. Thanks.

Dwight McKissic


Dwight, thank you. And may I offer you my deepest regrets over this horrendous act of prejudice. My heart hurts for that blessed couple and for all brothers and sisters of color who still suffer the embedded hate and ignorance of racist minds. There is absolutely no excuse, none, for what Pastor Weatherford and FBC Crystal Springs allowed to happen in Mississippi. They threw dirt in all our faces and left imprints of mud upon the faces streaked with tears. My heart deeply grieves for you. I am so sorry. selahV

Dale Pugh

I'm with you, SelahV, and I hope that this incident, while very difficult for FBC Crystal Springs, will be a lesson for all of us in the SBC. I also believe that men like Dwight and Dr. Luter should be given the opportunity to lead the way in our Convention as we move past such attitudes. Thanks for your post.


Thanks Dale, my heart bleeds for this situation. It does nothing to help heal wounds of those who've been harmed by the bigotry in our country, AND around the world. I am also reminded that in Christ we have forgiveness and mercy. And just as we receive new mercies each morning, those who repent receive that mercy also. Thus we must all, white and black, forgive others for the very acts that sicken us. Unless we forgive, we destroy the bridge which leads others us across to paths of hope and peace. I pray these folks in Mississippi will humbly seek forgiveness. As well, I pray those hurt by the actions and inaction will let go and let God be glorified in the situation through reconciliation. selahv

Jeremy Crowder

I agree with Johnathan Pritchett and we have been on some blogs were we seemed to be outnumbered in our outrage at the Pastor's actions. I really feel that a few members are being given way more responsibility for this sin when the buck should stop at the Pastor. It is the Pastor who has a calling from God to lead and the Bible is clear that a Pastor is suppose to guide the flock. The Pastor is not suppose to run from threats againist people in his flock that are sinful. I don't believe in keeping peace in Church if it allows sin to fester. We are finding out in so many horrible stories like Penn State etc. that ignoring sin and not rocking the boat helps nobody. When you allow racism for a second to prevail then your making a huge spirtual mistake. I pray that no Pastor will ever make the mistake of this Pastor. I also pray that this Pastor will consider a different profession if this is how he intends to do ministry. My remarks are unkind to the Pastor here and elsewhere but I fear being kind on this issue. I fear if we don't make it clear how we feel that souls will be lost. People will think we don't love all people that we don't love our neighbors as ourselves.

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