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June 16, 2012


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Steve Martin

Great post.

Yes, we want what we want. And quite often is doesn't have anything to do with loving God, or our neighbors.

And Paul (Saul)? What was he doing when he made his "free-will" decision for Christ?

A real God doesn't come begging, hat in his hand, "please believe in me"...He acts. He grabs hold of us and turns our hearts around. Makes us believers.



Hello again, Steve! What was Saul (Paul) doing? Well, depends on how far back ya wanna look at Scripture. Seeing as how Stephen preached an entire sermon and old Saul-Paul was standing there watching and hearing the message. He not only witnessed his stoning, Acts 8:1 says he approved of it. You'd think when Stephen asked God not to hold the sin against them, Saul/Paul might have had a bit of conviction going on in his heart. I'd say, he was "resisting" God's Word being preached. So when the Lord showed up on the road to Damascus, Saul's meeting in the middle of the road, was so illuminating he was blinded by the brilliance stronger than the sun and fell to the ground. (What a humbling, he must have felt)

Then God audibly convicted him of his sin and asked why he kept fighting the conviction [kicking against the goads]. So Saul/Paul called out right away, "Who are you, Lord" and Jesus told Saul exactly who He was and what He wanted Him to do. Paul was immediately convicted of his sin and did not hesitate with more questions but obeyed Christ's call upon his life. In Acts 26:19, Saul told King Agrippa, "I was not disobedient to the vision".

I had a similar conversion experience that I recall quite vividly, Steve. I sure understand a portion of what Saul/Paul went through.

Wow, do I ever! It is an amazing thing when God shakes the earth beneath your life and calls on you. Though I, like the Jews, "resisted the Holy Spirit" (Acts 7:51) many times, God was patient with me and showed me incredible mercy till I placed my faith in Him when He spoke to me through several circumstances and people and preaching. No, God did not make me follow Him, but He showed me very clearly the consequence of remaining on my "road to Damascus" or following Him in faith and obedience. He clearly showed me what He'd done for me at Calvary. I still remember the sermon and the explanation Bro. Conley shared about the crucifixion. God doesn't have to do anything anymore, He's already done all that is necessary. He died for us.

I had made a pretty rotten mess of things doing it my way, God was gracious to show me what He'd given up to save me from my sin, and offered Himself to me one more time. There was no doubt in my mind that day, that His Spirit was showing Himself to me, one last time. If I didn't believe Him, I would remain in the darkness the rest of my days. (The Spirit does not strive with us forever, you know). I did not want that. I wanted Him right then and there. And He came into my life and changed my heart and mind and entire outlook on life. It was quite an amazing time and journey from that day forward.

No, Steve, God doesn't come begging. He is GOD, the Most High and Holy God. He shows us that He is God, when we hear His voice and humbly fall on our faces, turn from our sin and to Him in faith. Then we receive Him in all His fullness. And He most certainly "acts", and changes us as we abide in Him and He abides in us. There is no describing His peace that floods a soul, His joy that explodes and releases us from the bondage of our sin forever. It is phenomenal. Simply phenomenal. I am so grateful, aren't you? selahV

Peggy Scott

What God Wants. It really hit me hard today as I read your blog.To be honest, I would have to say that I want my way most of the time, and want it now, not waiting for the Holy Spirit to guide me on where he would best use me for His Glory. I fall short on waiting for What God Wants in my life. Instead of me,me,me, all the time, I need to let Go of me, and Let God Have His Way.


Hi Peggy, in the past 7 years I have had so many portions of my life stripped from me. Much of what I want is no longer attainable. I have learned to accept most of it and let go of the rest. Each day is a test of our will against that of our Father's. I pray He scores higher more and more. selahV

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