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June 04, 2012


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The preamble goes directly against your assurances this document is not addressing "New Calvinists."

You may feel this way, but the document does not agree with you.


I would feel that way too, if it had only stated the 10 articles and not the particular preamble and introduction, naming new Calvinism. Seemed it picked a target, as where it could have just stated the plan of salvation without setting it against Reformed Theology. Not to mention it confirmed and denied what they believed was the plan of salvation. Why not just state the beliefs?


Well it simply talks about Calvinism alot in it. Also seems it has only created division, when we should be rallying around the Gospel in unity.


I apologize for my most recent repetitive comment, misunderstanding on my part. I still would like to see more unity around the Gospel itself and not our particular plans of salvations.

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