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April 20, 2012


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There's a time and a place for amusing. Unfortunately, some "voices" hide behind amusement to attack. That's when the funny's gone. If you've shown time and time again that you have no respect for those you are mocking than it's not about being funny, it's tearing someone down. Now am I inconsistent at times? Sure, but then I also don't post santicmous holier than thou posts proclaiming how great my blogging activities are.

Also over the last few days I am again reminded of the fact that in SBC blogdom there are still many men who think women's voices should not be heard. Very sad.


Mary, I started blogging long before some of these new bloggers had a thought in their brain-cells, much less one on a comment stream. I've been steeped in Southern Baptist life the better part of 60 years. I have never ever ever seen the out and out distaste, disrespect and destructive comments I have witnessed in the SBC blogging life regarding the SBC and those who have given their lives for the Lord in service and love. It pierces me to the core of my being to see how many regard the history, and those who made up the history of faithful followers of Christ.

Peter will tell you how troubled I have been for many years and how I have tried to stay above the fray and keep a positive and optimistic view of things. He dubbed me the "ooey gooeey" writer. Of late, with the desire of some who feel they will be "stuck" with the Southern Baptist name forever, I have lost all respect. Zero. Zip. Gone.

Even when they write something I agree with theoretically, I do not trust them. I do not trust people who pretend to love the Lord and then seek to wipe out the very church in which I gather with others to worship the Christ who died for us all.

I do not believe that much of the humor directed at folks when a "kerfuffle" occurs to be simply a release of tension. If one needs a release of tension from the "LU debacles and bloggin' furor", then it might be best to use another word to describe the debacles than one used by the person who describes himself as the center of the "kerfuffle". To me, it is insensitive to those who are dead serious when we sound alarms. Just as John MacArthur tried to do with Mark Driscoll and was ignored. After a while, it ceases to be a misguided young man with a loose tongue, and becomes a pattern of character and a thousand other prominent tongues who endorse his speech pattern.

When some of the men I truly respected in our convention rise to endorse and coddle men of this caliber, I find myself wondering where I fit into the whole scheme of things. I know I have left Kansas for sure. Don't know where the storm will drop me.

But it is certain, women have no place in the new kingdom as it moves forward. It is clearer and clearer and clearer.

I rest in the glory of God and trust in His grace to grant me the wisdom to deal with it all. The threats from Seattle did not bother me to the degree they do now. When I first heard of Driscoll, I figured others would handle the exhortations and the admonishments and perhaps he would change. When the threats settled into St. Louis, it concerned me. When they moved to Virginia, it more than troubled me. Now that it has come to my very own church in my very own denomination, it is infuriating and has lit a fire beneath my seat. I cannot stay silent any longer.

Thanks so much for your comment, Mary, and your continued prayers and support. My heart is so heavy today, so many factors outside this "kerfuffle" that press upon me. I do know that my God is sufficient to meet my needs, and He is my anchor in this storm. I am trying to decide if I am a buoy or a lighthouse lantern. Perhaps I'm just a ship at sea. Time will tell. selahV


Hariette, I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time. My family has been going through some pretty scary, rough stuff for a few months now so I ache for you.

Please know dear sister, that I try to read everything you write even though I don't always comment. I think you're a lighthouse! You have a calming effect during some of these blog storms - the seas are scary and tossing me about and there you are to post just the right thing at the right time.

Thank you for your ministry. Us girls are going to have to make our own SBC Girls Voices blog I think - then we can be snarky all we want!


Well, now...that would be sumthin' wouldn't it? bet that would start a big "kerfuffle" or as little Kinsey says, "BIG fluffy". ha ha.

I'm sorry to hear you are going through rough times, too. I do know a lot of people who are being tested beyond tests that I could handle, I'm sure.

thanks for droppin' in again. You won't get much criticism here. It's a respite from it all. selahV

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