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April 26, 2012


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My question - why do you have to figure all this out? This is why I stay off the Baptists blogs. The definition of Calvinists mentioned here is not right - and to lump them in with Open Theists? That's not right, either. Open Theists have been said not to believe in the Sovereignty of God. Reading this whole post just made me dizzy.


Caryn, thanks for droppin' in even though you "stay off Baptist blogs". We are a diverse lot, that is for sure.

You ask why I "have to figure all this out"..

I don't; I think I made it clear what I know and in Whom I trust. I bring it up here, because it is one of the many things I "encountered" in my surfing excursions in the blogosphere that pertain to my faith...which is Southern Baptist. Up until 2006, I had no idea folks had themselves in knots over this Calvinistic view or that a group of Calvinists believed all Southern Baptists needed to be reformed like them because they (we) had lost the gospel. I haven't lost the Gospel. So, along with the many other blogs I write, this one is just one in a portion to who I am as a person. That's why I try to figure out why my brothers and sisters are all squabbling over all these theologies.

Could you help me out and tell me the "definition of Calvinists mentioned here that is not right"? And rather than me going to google and looking up Open Theists, I think I'll skip that on for my vocabulary lesson today. It's been a long day.

So, if you happen to pop back, tell me what your definition of a Calvinist is as you understand it. I can understand how reading something like this could make one dizzy. I've been dizzy for about 6 years now since I've been trying to figure out why what I believe doesn't pass muster in the theology department with the reformed community. Praying God's blessings on you...selahV

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