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June 15, 2009


Your sister n Christ

Brooklyn, WOW what an important topic you picked to write about. Kudos to you on your topic!!!!!!

You will be the type of friend who will have a positive influence on others.

Keep up the writing!!!

David R. Brumbelow

Good points about friendship. Not many your age look ahead at what the consequences of their decision might be.

Keep up the writing; I think you might have some of you grandmother's talent in you.
David R. Brumbelow, an old preacher :-).



Fantastic writing! I was just telling some kids in my Sunday school class about baptism not making you a Christian. That is great advice.

Your dad would be very proud of your choice in friends. No one wants to become a bully! Keep writing!

Tony Kummer

Good post - thanks for sharing your story. I'm going to let me kids read it too.

Keep writing and one day you'll be more famous than your grandma (but she will still be your friend).


To everyone, thank you! I really like writing. I just usually write on paper. Now when I type my thoughts into a computer I feel GREAT. Watch for my next post. WHEN YOU MISS A LOVED ONE. And again thank you a lot to all of you. Brooklyn


Dear Brooklyn,
You sound like a very wise young lady! Letting the Lord lead us in choosing friends is so very wise.

God bless you, and keep up the great writing!

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