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July 25, 2008


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M. Steve Heartsill

Mrs. V...trust me, of all your commenters, I know about working with women!!!

Anyway, now how do I raise my 5 month old son after reading this! I think I need to quit work and stay home with him! But, when I do that, not sure where the home would be. The mortagage company likes monthly payments. Even though that's the only payment that I have to make each month, not sure I can handle no income!

When you are "in the ministry? the salary is low (as if I am telling you anything). My wife teaches school...so about the best job possible for a working mother! If there is such a thing. At least they will one day be on the same schedule, and maybe even in the same school!

Now, I'm depressed!


Well, I didn't want to depress you my friend. But this just validates that you'd make a lousy feminist, too. :)

M. Steve Heartsill

I'm thinking I make a lousy "malinist" too! My son was born in February. Between my wife and I taking leave from work, he's not had to go to day care yet. But, come the second week of August...we have no choice.

May just be the most difficult thing I've ever done!

Maybe I will win the lottery between now and then! But then again, I guess I would have to play the lottery to win! Maybe a rich relative will die before then! Hmmm...don't have any rich relatives...Maybe someone will come up and say, "We'd like to give you 10 million dollars, because you are a Christ follower...AMEN!


Steve, you sure need a lot for your budget. :) millions? ha. It is a hard thing to leave a baby with babysitters. Very hard. I hated it.

M. Steve Heartsill

You aren't making me feel any better!

Nah, I don't need millions...just enough to make it at home, until Evan is...like 20 or so...then we can go off to college together!

Bill (cycleguy)

Hooray for lousy feminists. We were fortunate in that my bride was able to stay home until the girls went to school and then she really didn't go full time until they were in elementary school. No, we weren't blessed with millions. At that time we learned to live on what we made. I admire anyone who can stay home...lousy feminist or not. As for Steve...he will have to let Evan go before 20. Our girls were not allowed to single date in a car until they were 16 and then it was a double date with us. Somehow that didn't go over very well. :)


Bill, hooray for you! I've learned so much from watching my daughter in her 20-year homemaker status. I have watched how she has helped support her husband and kept his books for his construction company so he wouldn't have to hire other help. What that gal does and maintains a home is definitely Prov. 31 material. But before he had his business 11 years ago she stayed home and simply spent frugally and managed their lives with the income he provided as an army sergeant. I wish I had been like her when I was a young wife and mother. She inspires me today. selahV


Yeah, I'd make a lousy feminist, too:-)

I stayed home much of the time, but worked long enough to realize I couldn't juggle two jobs. One or the other always suffered - either the home, or work.

It's my belief that God places a premium on motherhood, that's it's a privilege to raise these children and train them up, but I sure got ridiculed by other moms who felt I wasn't pulling my load. We needed my paycheck, but I finally gave it up and came home. I've never regretted that decision either.



Vicki...same is true for several of my friends. We bit the bullet and gave up a lot of things. When my kids were smaller, we did without the chips, doritos and things that increased the food budget. Rarely did we ever eat out. And I mean rarely. Maybe once ever 2 or 3 months. Luckily for us, McDonald's was nearly 30 miles away. Can you believe that? Is that even possible today? hugs back to you. selahV

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