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February 23, 2008


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Hi friend...a quick hello since my two grandbabies are here. One is looking for places in the living room to hide her stuffed animals; the other is water painting at the table. It's rainy & gloomy, but like you said, it won't be long until spring says hello. For those (like me) who suffer seasonal affective disorder, it won't be long before these short wintery days give way to brilliant sunbursts on the front porch.

And it won't be long until I get my thyroid out...ugh...not looking forward to that.

Oh, but yes - very year I wonder...will THIS is the year we hear that loud trumpet sound and welcome our soon-coming King? Until then, I'll just plant seed and gather love. Give love, and plant seed.

love you,


"every" year...I meant to say. Gosh, I just can't seem to make this keyboard act right...LOL

Kerri Hamilton

Your post reads like we're old friends chatting over a cup of coffee. . . very refreshing. I find myself thrilled for you. The idea of lying, unencumbered in a hammock sounds wonderful. It will be such a very busy year for us with so much to do in preparation for the next chapter of our lives. But we embrace it - - and I'm learning that even when it doesn't feel like He's leading me to lie down in green pastures, His peace, beyond all understanding, can make it so!

By the way, I do so love daisies - the happiest flower, and robins (especially the fat ones). If we were neighbors, you could read the next few chapters of Prince Caspian to my children and I would work in your yard to save your back, even though my thumb is far from green.

As to the return of our most precious Savior - - I'll quote my husband. He says often, with a wonderful smile, "We are closer now to the return of Christ than we have ever been before." And then a few seconds later he'll say the same . . .

love ya,


Vicki, if they take out that thyroid, maybe then you'll feel better. Then you can enjoy those grandbabies more. I am with you on the lack of sunshine. I'm not worth much in the winter. NO energy, get-up-and-go or desire to get-up-and-go. selahV


Oh, Kerri, that would be so wonderful to read to your darlings. Yes, every day is one day closer to our Lord. Such peace there is in knowing that. selahV


Now, you know that I absolutely LOVE winter! The past few days we have lacy trees dripping with ice. We have the promise of more snow tomorrow. God has been good by blessing me with winter's richest beauty. I say all of that to say: I do look forward to spring. The tiny ones that I love will be slipping into their shorts and heading out to the old tire swing in the yard. They will be dragging branches (dropped by winter's harsh hand) to build up their delapidated fort. They will come in for a sandwich and Kool-Aid with dusty fingers and sparkling eyes. Yes, I can look forward to Spring's beauty, too.


Karen, sometimes I love winter too. But without snow, it's much too dead for me. No sunshine...all damp and dreary. No, don't like it at all this year. selahV

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