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December 12, 2007


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What a special gift for the girls to give their mom...and what a special grandma you are to make it happen.
Death and divorce are doubly hard to deal with on holidays, aren't they? We truly lose more than our loved one...we lose the continuity of our lives. One of my daughters has been divorced twice and is now dating a guy with two kids. I never know whether I will have my own grandchildren on a holiday...or someone else's...or both, or what!
All we can do is stand there in the grace of God and love others through Him.


I am so glad you are teaching your girls honorable behavior and not showing animosity to their mom for past differences.

May you continue to be a positive influence in their lives, displaying the love of Christ to their mom and their current family. I know your son must be so thankful that you are looking out for his daughters the way you are, looking after their spiritual and emotional health in difficult circumstances.

There is still a long road ahead of them, may you continue to pave the way to make it as smooth as possible. I pray they come to understand someday how hard this was for you and appreciate you that much more.

Treasure these times and the memories they bring,


Thanks for the link of your newest post and for the update on your back. I will keep praying for your back to heal . . . and thanks for prayers for the interview with our consultant. I'm looking forward to it, and am relieved to have the writing done (so is Robert).

Your granddaughters are lovely, and your grandmothering is beautiful. You are sewing seeds into the lives of those girls that will root, and sprout and grow. Their memories of their dad are confirmed in you.

You've chosen love and graciousness and forgiveness and genuineness . . . hard choices in the face of what you have lost. But oh what others have gained and will continue to gain from your choices. You've allowed God to make you lovely Selah V, and I am blessed to know you.


Kat, so glad you stopped in. Divorce can rob so many people of so much. The same as a death. will keep you in my prayers. selahV

Trish...it is my prayer and focus to instill the best of character and love in these girls. It was their daddy's aim as well. While I may not be perfect, I try to do what God wants me to do.

Kerri...I am equally blessed to know you, dear friend. Life has thrown me quite a few curveballs. Many I've missed and have not known how to hit even when I knew they were coming. But God is faithful to get me through it all. selahV

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