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November 25, 2007


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Well, I agree about dear Hillary! I also believe that society forces women to act outside of their God-given gender roles. The push to make money, the hunger to be successful in male dominated careers, the revolting thought of being the little woman that stays home and cooks for the hubby and cleans up the puke when the kids are sick. Do not all of these things wear on females in our world today? But, then...there are some of us who care very little about money, who don't give a hoot about holding down a male oriented job, who would love to show off by cooking for our husband, and who would be honored to clean up puke. I, for one, will leave the pantsuits and the politics to someone else.

I attended a baby shower yesterday where everything was the absolute epitome of all things feminine. The mommy-to-be is expecting a girl in early February. The pink and ruffles and satins and bows abounded yesterday. But, have you ever been to a baby shower where everything is just yellow or just mint green or just white? It's like people are nervous about making their darling daughters too feminine. Oh, how I could go on! Thanks for stimulating me today!


Having spent most of my adult life in male dominated environments, you have given me some food for thought and I will feed on it in a few days when this Greek paper is completed and turned in. I am really struggling with this paper...

Seriously, you have given me stuff to ponder and see if it answers some questions I have been asking myself lately, and seriously it has to wait a few days before I can toss it around in my head, turn it over, look at it, and see what's really there.



Oh dear Karen, how I wonder why the Lord places us in situations we are in sometimes. I see your absolute feminity in your life. Your family, your students, your friends.

You are right about the pink versus neutrals. Doesn't happen at our house though. My granddaughters are all pinks and purples, lace and satins. And it is their choosings. They prefer the softer-sides of things---the lighter side of life, too.

My son had a pink shirt and he absolutely loved it! Must have been that feminines side of him, huh?

Hey...you needed the stimuli, I think. Maybe it will spawn another post from you on Tried and True, hmmmmn? selahV


TRISH...eeeeoooh. I'm glad it is you and not me. I hate tests and all that stuff that makes one have to use their brain for grades. Not fun. I will keep you in my prayers, my sister. I want you to grasp this so you can help me understand English! selahV


Hey SelahV! Thanks for letting me know about this site. What fun!

I grew up with FIVE brothers! I was picked on, teased beyond sanity and, yet, I never felt unfeminine (although I was a tomboy somewhat). It might have been all the pink, frilly dresses I wore when I was small. I LOVED them! Plus, my Daddy made sure we (my sister and I) were treated differently. Protected.

The only bad? thing that has carried through to my grown-up years is that I am more comfortable around men like my brothers. Good old guys that like to pick at you and let you be yourself. (I don't seem to make women friends very easily for some reason).
Oh, and the makeup thing - only the bare minimum.

So, is that too much info?

I had never thought of Hillary as being unfeminine, but now that you mention it...

Mnay blessings, SelahV!

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