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February 17, 2007


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Wow! I'm not the only one offended by this ad and many others ads and store displays that are into "bare it all" to sell a product or a service. A local plastic surgeon had a bare women's body in the local newspaper this week. Then on Friday the Life mini magazine that comes in the daily newspaper has the dove ad that SelahV is writing about.

I'm a women and a child of God and this bare it all advertising has to stop.

Women are more beautiful fully clothed!!


It appears many feel equally as appalled and livid as you and I, my friend. However there are many who have quite a bit of apathy in the situation. Apathy says, "Tsk, tsk." Appalled, says, "Enough, I'm canceling my subscriptions and writing letters to the editors." Thanks for your encouragement. I really needed it today. SelahV

Bro. Robin


I don't know if you remember but a few years back they had a shampoo commercial with a woman washinig her hair and yelling out groans of ecstasy. It is pretty embarrassing to have your little daughter look to you and ask, "Daddy, why is she doing that?"

Fight the good fight sister!


Apathy is destroying the values that once made America strong. People just don't seem to care what goes on anymore as along as it doesn't affect or inconvience them


Bro.Robin: Yes, I do recall the commercial. It was for Herbal Essence. My daughter called them and told them exactly how she felt about those horrendous ads. We have never purchased anything from them. I have repeatedly told folks about them too.
I couldn't believe some of the feedback I've gotten on this. Some is very encouraging. We have become entirely too de-sensitized to the garbage that permeates every portion of our society today in the name of the freedom of this person's right or that person's right. I suggest you go to the DOVE website at Dove.com They have a commercial for viewing which I did not view but it says, "Click here to see what you can't see on television." If they aren't allowed to show it on television, why are they allowed to put it on a website. And why are they allowed to place ads like that in a Decorating/Gardening Magazine. That is misrepresentation on the part of Meredith Publishing to have allowed it.

Think about it. How many images are implanted in our brains every day. Subliminal messages. And they are dumping this crud into our society for every young man who is totally unprepared for the hormonal barrage to hit them. And then we wonder why so many brothers are molesting sisters. And why predators see nothing wrong with what they do. Society says it is all okay.

And until we stop buying their products and letting them know why we aren't going to buy their products, they will continue to fill our living rooms, waiting rooms and public libraries with SMUT.

Thank you so much for commenting, Bro. Robin. I pray I get thousands of comments. I am sending this blog to DOVE and to Meredith Publishing and all the advertisers that are part of the BHG magazine. You want to let your voice be heard? I plan to do it.

I've had strong promptings from the Lord before. This is a burning bush without end. I have taken off my shoes.

I think of getting a Highlights Magazine in the mail and ponder when it will be that we see 8-year-old girls in similar poses advertising Body lotions and suntan creams, next.

In case you don't know, I am livid in Oklahoma. God bless you and protect the minds, hearts, spirit and bodies of our young people. Of men who battle temptations over pornography.

And may God protect Bart Barber's church in Texas. May He surround those folks with His watchcare and protection. May Christ be lifted up and glorified by the Christians within that church. SelahV



I think the enemy will stop at nothing to sneak porn into our homes! How innocent a BH&G magazine is...any child could find one laying around their mom or grama's house.

I remember the commercial Bro. Robin mentioned too..unbelievable! If you didn't see the whole commercial..you wouldn't know she was "supposed" to be selling shampoo. I believe the AFA (American Family Association) took action to remove that commercial.

I don't subscribe to BH&G, or use Dove products, but I will contact the Dove company with my disappointment and disapproval.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

God bless,


Mary: Apathy is the cancer in a Christian's soul. I'm teaching a Bible Study written by Pricilla Shirer entitled He Speaks To Me. Tonite we discussed how Jesus sanctifies us and how we must stick out like sore thumbs. I'm putting a bandaid around my thumb to remind me of how complacent I can become.

I do not appreciate coarse jokes. I don't like put-down humor. I abhor ethnic jokes. And I'm brokenhearted over Christians who criticize other Christians. I must always remind myself, that I am on my walk with Jesus, and they are on their walk with Jesus. It breaks my heart that we care so little about holiness and practicing the faith we claim is ours in Jesus Christ. But I only have to walk past a mirror to remember, but for the grace of God go I. I pray for an spiritual awakening that has never ever been seen before. I'm not talking political takeovers in government, churches or denominations. I'm praying for a Spirit-filled Holy Ghost conviction on the part of every person "who are called by MY name." Otherwise we will never see a healing in our land or any other land. Pray, Mary. Pray.


Rose: Thanks, I do use Dove. Have used Dove for years. The bar soap for sensitive skin as I mentioned. I will never purchase another product by Dove. I will be investigating to find out what other companies they are affiliated with.

I don't use Heinz products either because I learned during the 2004 election what John Kerry's wife donated to with the millions she makes from her Heinz company profits.

Know where it says in Isaiah that people will want water and there will be no water? Well, I think in time we Christians who choose THIS DAY to serve the Lord, will have very little products from which to choose if we eliminate the products supported by SMUT-fueled advertising companies.

Right now I'm pretty ticked off at FOX NEWS, too. Sick and tired of every news story being framed with scantily clad women to emphasize Girls Gone Wild, and Tarnished Crowns of Beauty Queens.

Can someone report on something GOOD for a change? Anything? If you notice, it's only the controversial that anyone ever notices.

There is a new movie coming out on Friday. AMAZING GRACE. I haven't heard all of what it is about yet, but am told it's far more than a movie. If so, we need every Christian hitting the theaters to see it. We need to send some positive messages to Hollywood. There is a place for quality G movies. Otherwise, I'm sticking to Bible-trivia and Charades for our Family Nite on Friday evenings. Bless you, Rose. You are fighting the good fight. I'm so grateful the Lord is doing with you what He is doing. I am also grateful you are so yielded to Him.


I do not subscribe to Better Homes & Gardens--thank goodness! It shows me how despearate our world is becoming when they take something like soap and turn it into pornography. Oh, sure they figure they have been careful to cover the unmentionables. However, it's the tricks that the human mind can play that is so very dangerous. Innocent husbands pick the magazine up and BAM-- they are trapped by the evil one. A young boy picks the magazine up and CABOOM-- images clutter his mind. A 20-something fellow picks up the magazine and has lustful thoughts. Not necessarily about the person in the advertisement, but about naked women in general. Our society makes it difficult, no impossible, for young men and women to stay completely pure before marriage because of the trash placed in front of them. They wind up innocently cheating on their future spouse through impure thoughts. Christians, we must take a stand. Otherwise, the future living environment of our young people will become nothing more than a glorified gutter.


Karen: Thanks so much for the sage words of such a young woman. Oddly enough, you hit upon something that is very germane to this whole issue. LUST. TEMPTATIONS. IMPURITY. And I might add unholiness.

There is a wonderful fine Christian man in our congregation who was once addicted to pornography. He is a recovering addict. He has given testimony to the fact that when he goes on business trips he always makes sure no channels are connected to his television that can lead to the porn sites that so many hotels allow in their rooms today. And this advertising campaign by DOVE soap products is another scheme of Satan to pierce the walls of men's hearts protected by the shield of God. Satan is using these devices to enter their minds via so-called advertisements to women. Had it just been for women to be their target audience, then why are the ads showing up on the back of LIFE inserts in local newspapers? MEN read newspapers. Boys can see the SMUT from across the room as dad's unknowingly read the inside of a seemingly informative section of their newspaper. It's outrageous! It's indecent! It's beyond the line of immorality! It is OBSCENE! It is pornography in the clearest sense of the word. Thank you for commenting. I pray others read your words and AMEN them to the halls of Congress and the Supreme Court! Just as Television Stations were fined for the so-called malfunction of wardrobe for Janet Jackson in the Superbowl half-time show...Better Homes and Gardens and every publication that has carried this SMUT should be fined equally and more! That's my opinion and it is worth more than two cents! SelahV

Les Puryear


Add my voice to the many who oppose this kind of smut.




Les: Thanks. If this doesn't mean anything to anyone but me and our Saviour, it is worth it to me to stand firm. selahV

Matt Brady


Thanks for letting us know about this. My family will shop accordingly.


Your very welcome, Matt. Thanks for dropping in and especially for commenting. May God's grace continue to meet your needs and abound. SelahV

Tony Sisk

Hi Selah,

I followed the link from Les' blog. You are absolutely right.

Not to long ago I posted on Cinderella: Greeting Card Trollop about the overt sexualization of children's valentine's Day cards!

The greeting card company had Cinderella posing in ways that were completely opposite to what the dear classic movie portrayed her as.

Add my name to those who oppose smut and the overt sexualization of women, no matter their age!


Tony: Thanks for coming by and especially for the link on your Cinderella blog. I've had such a hard time with the continued onslaught of soft-porn being introduced into the world of our children. I see no end to it as our world gets closer to our Savior's return. But we must be vigilant and keep doing what we can, as we can. The outcome is in God's hands. Again, thanks for stopping in. I saw your name on Les's blogroll. Don't know if I've ever ventured over, I ashamedly say. I'll get by and visit, now. God's grace be upon you and abound. SelahV

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